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I  just released Codex Lost and the Damned V4, hosted at the new address.


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Chaosgerbil’s TSHFT report, and “Counts As” philosophy rant

What follows are battle reports so thrilling, so action-packed, you will be on the edge of your seat. Only one molecule will separate you from your seat!

Later on, the “Counts As” method gets a slightly bitchy and hopefully humorous analysis / defense.

TSHFT is a Warhammer 40k event held several times a year in Seattle. It rewards a combination of competition and hobby quite elegantly. 2000 pts., play to win good times.

Good reasoning prevails! is the new official home of TSHFT. The Seattle Heart of Fire Tournament has a real web presence once again. On Zen‘s Bloghammer you can find the final standings and the T.O.’s notes here and here.

Pictures should follow shortly.

Extra official note: The Blood of Kittens version of my blog is the one I will be using from now on. I’m bringing this blog back to life on BOK turf so I can get some comments flowing. I updated the BOK version with my posts from the last year, sorry for the long delay.

Day 1

(Originally Posted on September 3, 2011 by ChaosGerbil)

I’m back from day one of TSHFT. Overall it was a really fun day.  It was great to see so many TSHFT vets and new faces alike. I was fortunate enough to meet Purgatus of internetz fame, who was super nice in person, and brought his kick ass 13th company Space Wolves Loganwing. I gotta say, the models are much more impressive in person. Very spiky and well painted, without being overdone like many other 13th company modeling projects. Purg and I were almost matched up round 2 due to great first round scores, but it was not to be.

My insomnia and sleep schedule damaged my tactical abilities and attention span, but the event was still a blast.


I brought my entire terrain collection, which managed to be TOO MUCH for the entire tournament. Now all I need is a venue and I could host my own event…. We had extra tables and players could choose to use a spare table. It was nice to have so much elbow room since we got the nice looking hanger location this time around.

I tried to talk Zen into reasonable, AbusePuppy approved, balanced terrain, with mixed types on each table and a decent amount of LOS blockers, around 25%-30% of the table. The balanced layout was the case with some tables, but Zen is his own man and master of his own destiny, and some terrain layouts were a bit startling… Very mono in some cases. However, I was proud to see my collection in action once again.

My List:

2000 Pts – The Elect of Tzeentch, Chosen of Magnus “Space Wolves”

This is a counts as army, representing the last Thousand Sons warband unaffected by
the Rubric of Ahriman. Their vessel was in the warp at the time of the ritual and they escaped, only to mutate further. A magical pact with Pink Horrors and Discs of Tzeencth allows their most mutated warriors to be controlled by Daemons and fight on.

1 Rune Priest in Power Armour @ 110 pts (Chooser of the Slain; Jaws of the World Wolf; Murderous Hurricane) I used a pug model for chooser, just like my dog Panda.

1 Rune Priest in Power Armour @ 100 pts (Living Lightning; Murderous Hurricane)

Wolf Guard Pack @ 236 pts

Armour; Wolf Guard in Terminator Armour)
3 Wolf Guard in Power Armour (Combi-Meltagun x1; Power Fist x1) Joins Grey hunters
3 Wolf Guard in Power Armour (Bolt Pistol; Bolter x1) Joins Long Fangs
1 Wolf Guard in Terminator Armour (Combi-Meltagun; Chain Fist) Joins Bloodclaws

15 Blood Claws Pack @ 225 pts (Flamer; Meltagun)

8 Grey Hunters Pack @ 190 pts (Wolf Standard; Meltagun; Power Weapon; Rhino)
1 Rhino (Dozer Blade)

8 Grey Hunters Pack @ 190 pts (Wolf Standard; Meltagun; Power Weapon; Rhino)
1 Rhino (Dozer Blade)

8 Grey Hunters Pack @ 190 pts (Wolf Standard; Meltagun; Power Weapon; Rhino)
1 Rhino (Dozer Blade)

8 Fenrisian Wolf Pack @ 64 pts

1 Land Speeder Squadron @ 70 pts (Multi-melta x1; Heavy Flamer x1)

1 Thunderwolf Cavalry @ 175 pts
1 Thunderwolf Cavalry (Power Fist)
2 regular Thunderwolf Cavalry

5 Long Fangs Pack @ 140 pts (Missile Launcher x5)
1 Squad Leader (Bolt Pistol; Close Combat Weapon)

5 Long Fangs Pack @ 155 pts (Lascannon x1; Missile Launcher x4)
1 Squad Leader (Bolt Pistol; Close Combat Weapon)

5 Long Fangs Pack @ 155 pts (Lascannon x1; Missile Launcher x4)
1 Squad Leader (Bolt Pistol; Close Combat Weapon)

Game One vs. Torg’s Retinue of the Frozen Queen

The mission was to catch 4 objectives in table quarters that scattered D6 each round. A unit could pin itself to stop the objective from jumping. I can see some people hating this mission but I liked it.

Truly a fun game. Torg’s army was mostly wraithguard, wraithlords, and harlequins, led by Eldrad and that big-hair Banshee Queen. Eldrad managed to kill one Runepriest and wound the second thanks to my stubborn casting attempts.  I managed to capture the left side of the board while fighting a losing battle on the right. My Long fangs were the perfect antidote to the T6, 3+ bodies of the expensive Wraithguard. Torg quite skillfully kept them in cover and / or out of LOS, and made liberal use of Eldar witchery to protect them. Those fuckers sent my Havocs (Long fangs) back to the warp with D Cannon mojo.

On the last turn I desperately tank shocked to contest the last objective ju before we ran out of time. The troupe leader’s fusion pistol failed to stop the rhino. Or did it? Once again, to my horror forgotten rules changed the outcome of a game. My opponent was very gracious and generous after the fact and did not wish to change the score, but his characteristic error turned a draw into a loss for him. I feel uncomfortable about it but the show must go on. A mistake last TSHFT also swayed results significantly, I will just have to learn to spot things better. Playing when not sleep deprived would help too. If I would have remembered to roll for my runic weapons’ anti-psychic power during the first three or so turns than that could have swayed the outcome considerably, in my favor. The fuckup did send Torg to face theoretically weaker opponents which was one reason he was chill.

The secondary BPs was to have more fast attack. This was an easy 6 points for me, as I started the game with 3 fast attack choices to Torg’s zero. I stuck them all over in my left to be safe and mop up the incoming war walkers. I have to admit that one contributing reason I have 3 FA choices is just for this particular secondary mission. This is a problem, since vets have an edge on newcomers when they know these kinds of details in advance.  In my opinion the TSHFT scenario system should either be published for all to see and study, or kept so mixed up as to keep everyone guessing.

Game Two vs. Gerry Sunada’s Blood Angels

My 20 points propelled me a little too high… I ended up against the formidable Gerry Sunada, a best general title holder. His list was brutal and efficient, (6 multi-melta bikes for example). His army was professionally painted to a very high standard, and the crisp clean style was an awesome contrast to the chaotic, colorful, and dirty style I used on my Thousand Sons. I see nothing wrong with people using pro painting services, it enhances the experience. Our game was a very tight ship of no rules errors and reasonable cooperation. I was impressed with the smoothness of the game, I could tell I was playing an old pro.

There was a ridiculous amount of terrain on the board, all big TSHFT hills and felt forests.

There were three objectives symmetrically spaced along a 24″ no man’s land, basically my favorite mission. Every turn, one of the  three “spires” would radiate a 12″ no psychic power zone. Ok, this part fucked me over but I had to take it in stride.

Gerry won the roll and graciously let me go first (sarcasm). Zen’s point was made about how effective an all reserve force can be combined with second player privileges.

I deployed my Long Fangs too far apart. This helped me to secure one corner of the board through threat, but ultimately the farthest squad killed nothing. I was too tempted by the double size hill!
I claimed the center and left, and harassed the right flank. Gerry reserved all, but could reroll reserve rolls, so it turned out quite reliable for him. He hung back taking potshots at me with lots of TL Lascannon fire and multimelta / heavy bolter bikes, Which took a toll but left my troops mostly unscathed. His random rolling seemed poor for shooting but deadly for assaults and armor saves, but this was reinforced by the basic nature of the blood angels dex.

I’m not sure what all of Gerry’s plans were but I could tell my army’s claim on territory had him challenged, even temporarily stumped. Flooding the board with efficient MEQs will challenge most lists, they won’t fall over in a stiff breeze like guardsmen or most low model count armies will.

My T-CAV chaos spawn disc riders played cat and mouse with Gerry’s hero led assault marines, as he tried to bait me with a bike unit. The give and take of unit movements and attacks reminded me of a chess match or the baiting and pouncing one sees in a great game of League of Legends.Ultimately I gambled and lost. Once turn 4 crept around I had two objectives with swarms of troops, and by 5 I was contesting a third with an empty rhino and the lurking TCAV spawn. The game was drawing to a close and Gerry could hold back no longer. He advanced his 11 man buffed up jump-pack assault squad (led by Astoroth the Grim) to challenge the center. The bait attack bikes were nearby over clear ground. The spawn surged forward from hiding to charge the very threatening assault squad, but the shortest distance to nearest model was through woods. I rolled snake eyes for move distance. Whee, the 1″ doubled to 2″ through the magic of cavalry, not nearly enough. And, as if in a slapstick film, the no longer stunned vindicator comes around the corner and cleans them out. I should have charged the bikes at that point.

I had underestimated the speed and hitting power of his army. Furious charge was thrown around quite liberally on vampiric marines, to demolish my center grey hunters and sacrificial fenrisian wolves. The melee dragged on and I threw my blood claws into the fray, hoping to outlast Gerry and live to at least contest the center. After the debacle with the TCAV spawn, the rhino was easy prey for the razorback assault squads, although it stood up to a surprising number of shots and punching before exploding. Gerry contested all three objectives at once, claiming the one on my right.

Feel no pain made me feel pain. Furious charge kicked my ass up and down the block. When all was said and done I had one model remaining, my lone terminator (wolf guard) with chainfist. Awesome. The same “wolf guard” killed Astorath single-handedly. He clung to life for Tzeentch, and I got a draw! Saved by that single 2+!  15 blood claws may not be efficient but they are annoying and fun. My possessed models needed a chance to be in some games.

DAY 2 (Sept. 4 2011)

I managed to claim Best Appearance, an award that I have been striving for. I deployed my over-large, heavy-ass display board which helped clinch the win. My other version of Tzeentch “Space Wolves” technically won Best Appearance one year ago, but it wasn’t real. I was actually the runner-up in votes to the excellent CSM Steampunk “counts as” force of a player from Oregon. He also got best overall in class, but the T.O. Zen wisely doesn’t give out more than one prize package to a person. I love that TSHFT rewards hobby and competitive play together, and spreads out the wealth with lots of prize categories.

This time around it was a clean win and I’m happy to finally accomplish my goal. It was a smaller field of competition this time around unfortunately with only 22 dudes. I’ll keep trying to win Best Appearance with as many different armies as I can and see larger turnouts eventually.

I placed 4th, the best I have done in a tournament. My record was 2-1-1.  Considering the mistake in Game 1 and my absence Game 4 this seems a bit high. It’s still great and an improvement over my 7th place finish with Orks last time. To celebrate, I had a few drinks, and painting more of the Changeling model for Tasty Taste.

Purgatus was apparently attacked IRL by Nurgle, but still managed to win 2nd place with his Loganwing. I found a green pen next to his list, abandoned after the event. Perhaps it was left as some sort of offering to ease his cold.

I’m trying to be an idiot savant without the idiot part. Let me know how I’m doing in the comments section. Lol.


Game 3 Versus Chaos Space Marines (Day 1 of TSHFT)

Also on the menu in this section, a (hopefully thoughtful) “Counts As” exploratory rant…

By game 3 I was exhausted and feeling sleep deprived. This game started out fun and jovial, but turned sour. At this point I was befuddled thanks to my sleep deprivation, the rigors of terrain transport, and the mental challenge of the two previous games. I was facing off against a proud wielder of the Chaos Codex.

My opponent took it personally that I had a “counts as” space wolves force that was actually chaos,  and that I strongly disliked the current chaos marine codex. It seems I was mentally labeled as Sir Douchington for my choice of army book, and disrespect to Gav and Alessio’s magnum opus. No offense was intended, really. I happen to like the choices and creativity the Space Wolf book offers, and it works well for my theme and modeling projects. The book has fun units and some room to experiment, with way more viable choices.

Yes, the Space Wolf book is strong. That’s a major reason I brought one of its lists to an event where the idea is to win games. I built my army to place well at TSHFT, which it did. I have played and learned, and come back a better player with a better list. My opponent ended up winning a ton of games, so the concept of taking a strong list should not be unfamiliar. Codex SW is a much more forgiving book than Codex CSM. It doesn’t punish you as harshly for dicking around. You still need redundancy and efficient units as a core, true for any competitive army. I brought a grab-bag Space Wolf list to TSHFT a year ago which seemed solid, but I got my ass kicked. Like everyone that plays 40k I would prefer to win. I spent part of a year making the coolest possessed havocs I could, and used them at a bargain points level As Long Fangs. So sue me. This lets me buy a silly fenrisian wolves that mostly just look cool, and dick around, and still win some games.

I will model what I want, pour my heart and soul into it, but when I put on the ass kicking pants I will try to kick ass.

“Counts as” book swapping is important to the hobby because it expands the horizon for inclusion of concepts and thematic units into the game. Nyhil’s Dark Eldar Skaven is a great example of why “counts as” should be encouraged. Why get on the back of the ambitious hobbyist that lets freedom to choose inspire their projects? If I could I would be taking cultist squads, mutants, daemons, etc.  My true love is the Lost and the Damned army concept, and so  LATD “Grey Knights” are a strong possibility for a future TSHFT. Incidentally I am have been fiddling with the assembly of some Dark Eldar wyches, which could easily be recruited as Death Cult Assassins. This event, I only noticed 2 out of 22 Grey Knight players. Stalwart Steffan the Grey Knight patriot brought his re-blackened o.g. color scheme Ordo Malleus. Tenacious Todd brought a new “counts as” Admech army featuring 3 scratchbuilt Knight titans and tons of cool cybernetic conversions. (Gawd, if only GW would release some plastic cyborg sprues… I know, keep dreaming.)

This raises a curious point. No one found fault with the cool “counts as” Grey Knights Admech army, who are loyalist. In my case I fielded a traitor force of Thousand Sons, using a loyalist book. Apparently this is an outrage to some generals. Do I have to run my army book choice before the inquisition to see if my models are loyal? I just don’t get it. Grey Knights are currently flavor of the month, like every strong new codex has been picked up. The obvious time, money, and skill Todd put into converting and adapting his army shows dedication, not some kind of loathsome WAAC behavior. Our projects are not slapdash proxy experiments that change every two months. Even if they were, innocent models and army lists don’t deserve attack.

Back to the game…

My opponent’s army was designed around the now classic lash of submission / obliterator plasma cannon combo. (3 units of 2 each) This was backed up with 3 man small autocannon combi-melta He also had a warptime Prince. I have used both warptime and lash princes, and I gotta say taking one of each is really smart. They combo well together since the warptime prince can cleanup squad remnants really well.

Objective: Kill points. I’m not a fan of the mission, and also my army’s scoring unit durability means nothing. The mission deployment was short table edges with a 24″ no man’s land, which upset my opponent. I  felt guilty about taking advantage of the mission, and deployed my long fangs in cover away from the board edge, about 8 or 10 inches in. This was a huge mistake. I was already letting emotions dictate my decisions, not a good idea. Also, trying to get cover from 6 plasma cannons is meaningless when faced with a Lash Prince that kites the army consistently striking from 23″ away and in inconvenient LOS spots. Experience using an army trumps inexperience facing that army.

I normally only reserve my FA choices, but for some reason I reserved everything but the Long Fangs. This was really dumb as the poor Havocs had no protection, and the rival chaos marines just stayed away from my reserves long board edge.

My opponent was skilled with his list and capitalized on all of my mistakes. Unchecked from turn 2 onwards his army kills at least one unit a turn, even kitted out 9 or 10 man MEQ squads. I was unprepared for Lash, it is the first time I have ever faced it in a game. I should have known better since I have studied about the lash / plasma combo. I even brought a dual lash list to a 4th edition event long ago. Losing prized units quickly is a harsh but quick teacher. We were neck and neck for most of the game as we raced for KPs and to eliminate big threats.

Eventually we both got crabby and my actual morale was damaged. Basically I failed my IRL leadership check. Combined with my tiredness, this led to me playing poorly and eventually losing. Fatigue equals sloppy judgment. I was forgetting things like which wolf standards and combi-meltas had gone off, which I am sure was annoying. The blood claws sat around uselessly protecting a Sorceror “Rune Priest” that only managed to stun the same rhino three times. I lost the will to play. I don’t think it is appropriate to detail all my frustrations with my opponent so that’s enough. Drama is amusing to watch from afar but quite unpleasant to be involved with. One should watch their tone and practice decency. I don’t always succeed in being a gentleman but I gotta keep trying for it.

Game 4 versus myself

Despite my extreme fatigue, I didn’t sleep properly. My residual nerdrage and a noisy but forbidden slumber party downstairs killed my chances of restful sleep. I slept through my alarm, and Game 4. Fuck. To my surprise, Zen generously gives out 10 points out of 20 for an absentee game, 1 point less than a draw but with no chance of secondary or tertiary points. You also lose out on 2 points from wow factor.  This is more than fair, and it kept me in the standings for best overall. I was expecting 0 points.

I really slept in so that Judge Awesome (otherwise known as Bentley) could sneak in a game as ringer. By the way Bentley, if you can hear this through the inter-tubes, I apologize for wasting your time being corrected twice in a row (or is it three?) on the same multiple assaults question. Keep at it, your rulings are quick, clear, and accurate.

Game 5 versus Dan Root’s Orks

Killpoints, secondary was to get your heavy support into enemy deploym,ent zone (yeah, like that’s going to happen for my mutant “Long Fangs”… oh well.

The terrain was heavy with LOS blocking buildings, but I was able to pick a corner (spearhead setup) for one of my Long Fangs squads to perch in. Combined with two squads on the ground each covering each major approach to my corner, this let me hit where I needed every turn. The rhinos and grey hunters formed a nice screen and deployed to shoot and receive assaults when needed. The rhinos absorbed a fair amount of shots and only lost storm bolters over the course of the game.

Dan had a great list, although I felt it suffered without Loota fire support. Then again, last TSHFT my Lootas ran off the board at ther first sign of trouble more than once.  Dan’s concept was centered around power klaws, fielding 9 killa kans which is a solid choice. He had tons of Meganobz and I was very impressed by his latest plasticard work. Like a dumbass I dropped a tape measure on a Kan, it slid off a box I was lifting. We glued him back together with my Gorilla Glue so he could die like a champ in battle. Sorry again Dan.

There was some great give and take, but ultimately my list and the terrain let me outscore Dan 8 to 6 KP. My shooting was much more effective and my squads can handle certain ork assaults quite well. The Rune Priests performed better than in the rest of my 3 games combined. The Blood Claws proved to be an awesome blocking/tarpit unit especially with the scenario giving them Stubborn. Their charge was lame since only half got into combat, and also I put way too many on a fast moving buggy squad. However, they did their job fighting meganobs and taking out two killa kans, while blocking off a major chokepoint between buildings. They died to a man but their role is to die, something I unfortunately ignored in Game 3. My Long Fangs took advantage and went to work, and the Kans were slowed by their own immobilized->wrecked casualties from the missile fire. I was able to split fire quite often to maximize damage potential. Once the army began to breakup formation from movement and the plentiful obstacles, the main battlewagon / KFF trukk combo protected less units and I hit hard at the fringes.

My giant Tzeentch Screamer “Land Speeder” scared the bejeezus out of Dan’s 3 small grot units, but he had time to disprese their formation. Instead the Screamer killed a trukk turn 4 and then harassed the last surviving Killa Kan. The now armless Kan then tried to kick the Screamer out of the air but fell over in defeat, as turn 5 ended the game. The remaining looming meganobs would never get that charge off. His Warboss had one wound left at end of game, and was locked in combat with some “Grey Hunters,” after the boss executed the living lightning “Rune Priest” and a couple of dudes. Great game, great opponent, and I love Dan’s conversion work.

Possible List fix:

This version isn’t going to look as flashy as the extra gribbly display army I actually brought to TSHFT, but it will probably win more games. It’s very spam, therefore a likely target of hatred and disgust. I would have to make up more “grey hunters” but I have some conversions already started for them involving horrors and possessed bits.

2000 Pts – Space Wolves Roster

1 Rune Priest in Power Armour @ 110 pts (Chooser of the Slain; Living Lightning; Murderous Hurricane)

1 Wolf Guard Pack @ 278 pts (Wolf Guard in Power Armour; Wolf Guard in Power Armour)
5 Wolf Guard in Power Armour (Combi-Meltagun x1; Power Fist x1)
3 Wolf Guard in Power Armour (Bolt Pistol; Storm Bolter x1)

8 Grey Hunters Pack @ 170 pts (Wolf Standard; Meltagun; Rhino)
1 Rhino

8 Grey Hunters Pack @ 170 pts (Wolf Standard; Meltagun; Rhino)
1 Rhino

8 Grey Hunters Pack @ 170 pts (Wolf Standard; Meltagun; Rhino)
1 Rhino

8 Grey Hunters Pack @ 170 pts (Wolf Standard; Meltagun; Rhino)
1 Rhino

8 Grey Hunters Pack @ 170 pts (Wolf Standard; Meltagun; Rhino)
1 Rhino

1 Land Speeder Squadron @ 70 pts (Multi-melta x1; Heavy Flamer x1)

5 Long Fangs Pack @ 150 pts (Missile Launcher x4; Plasma Cannon x1)
1 Squad Leader (Bolt Pistol; Close Combat Weapon)
5 Long Fangs Pack @ 155 pts (Lascannon x1; Missile Launcher x4)
1 Squad Leader (Bolt Pistol; Close Combat Weapon)
5 Long Fangs Pack @ 155 pts (Lascannon x1; Missile Launcher x4)
1 Squad Leader (Bolt Pistol; Close Combat Weapon)

1 Dreadnought @ 105 pts

1 Dreadnought @ 125 pts (Twin-Linked Autocannon; Twin-Linked Autocannon)

Which list do you guys think is better? Any other brainwaves? The comment box wants your mind thoughts!

That about wraps it up! Thanks for reading! In closing, I dare you to run the following “counts as” list using your favorite hero models from your collection. As a warning, you’ll probably lose to a real player, so this idea is just for fun.

2000 Pts – Space Wolves Roster

1 Logan Grimnar, The Great Wolf @ 275 pts

1 Njal Stormcaller, Lord of Tempests @ 270 pts (Runic Terminator Armour)

1 Ulrik the Slayer @ 180 pts

1 Wolf Lord Ragnar Blackmane @ 240 pts

1 Wolf Guard Pack @ 430 pts (Wolf Guard in Power Armour)
10 Wolf Guard in Power Armour (Combi-Meltagun x1; Power Fist x1)

1 Wolf Guard Pack @ 160 pts (Wolf Guard in Power Armour; Wolf Guard in Terminator Armour)
4 Wolf Guard in Power Armour (Bolt Pistol; Close Combat Weapon)
1 Wolf Guard in Terminator Armour (Power Fist; Chain Fist; Cyclone Missile Launcher)

1 Land Raider Crusader @ 275 pts (Extra Armor; Multi-melta)

1 Lone Wolf in Terminator Armour @ 85 pts (Storm Shield; Chain Fist)

1 Lone Wolf in Terminator Armour @ 85 pts (Storm Shield; Chain Fist)

LOL, run everything you can fit in the Land Raider… see if you can make a sillier deathstar unit. In reality, mixing in combi-flamers, power swords, wolf claws, and storm sheilds makes a bunch more sense than pure powerfist shenanigans.

Cheers and GG

– ChaosGerbil

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Stay on target… stay on target…. PORKINS NOOOOO!!!!

Hi world, unfortunately I have no new pics ready for ya just yet. I want you guys to know that I have been steadily plugging away at my armies and terrain, and that more deliciousness is on its way. I am really happy with my modeling and painting, and not so pleased about my half-ass camera and so-so photography skills. As usual I bounce around ADD style between a dozen different projects during any given week.

I have been putting together tons more terrain for TSHFT.  It will stay my property of course, but as my own eyes noticed and AbusePuppy pointed out, there is just not enough to go around for 3 to 4 dozen players. The event has grown somewhat but the official tournament terrain collection has not. I am doing my best to fill in the gap without sacrificing quality. I am seriously planning to bring almost twice as many pieces as I brought last event. I have been taking pics of some of the WIP stages to put together a tutorial on my methods.  I have been finishing pieces started a few days ago, a year ago, or in the case of some sewer sections about FIFTEEN years ago. My collection is a mix of ork buildings, imperial ruins, jungles, craters, various area terrain, and scatter pieces. I am hoping to fill about 15 tables to 25% but it is hard to estimate at this point.

Part of this terrain project has been to upgrade and  finish my huge display board, 32″ x 38″. It was not started as a display board but I realized that that’s the best use for it. It has a river, a pumping station, a barbed wire/barricade wall, and lots of random rocks and vegetation. Pics to come.

As far as models go, my main focus has officially been my mutated Thousand Sons but I have dabbled in Orks and traitor guard quite a bit. I now have about twenty mutated Elect of Tzeentch “long fangs” ready for battle. My battlewagons and grots needed some love, and got some, and I am getting really close to an acceptable paint level on my massive stompa conversion. I painted up my FW mini squiggoth to a better level and just need to add some crew… following that I’ll finish my dewback squiggoth conversion at some point.

I have about 100 random 40k models ready for paint but since most are converted I want pictures first, especially for the LATD codex update.

Anyways, I am still alive, still procrastinating on pictures, and still planning to officially move to my BOK lair. I am closing in on 50,000 hits here on the original site and it is hard for my ego to give that up. What I really want though, is comments…. 🙂 I think BOK can help me get that.

Most of these pics are years old but the post felt naked with just words!

Cheers and stay tuned.

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An extreme Imperial Guard list: Gotta love commissars

This extreme list clocks in at 10 scoring units, depending on how you organize  it can be anywhere from 8-14 scoring units. This beast has 144 infantry, most of which are stubborn, LD 9 or 10, with commissar rerolls. It has a lot of firepower even though the infantry platoons are geared for close combat.

Now I want to work in Straken but I am not sure what to cut out yet to fit him in. The Lord Commissar led conscripts horde might look like an obvious choice to cut, but it would be quite the lol factor unit. Besides, I want to filed a mutant swarm.

The idea behind this list is to outlast the enemy in a war of attrition. It should excel in capture and control objective games, in Killpoiunt games it is better to make your blobs huge 40 men squads.

This list doesn’t specialize in shooting or assaults but it should be able to perform in both roles. It’s main strength is durability, relying on cover saves and bodies with awesome leadership (stubborn 9/10 + sacrifice rerolls)  In assaults there are massed power weapons and massed ablative wounds to deal with, a deadly speedbump. Let me know what you think.


2000 Pts – Imperial Guard Roster

1 Lord Commissar @ 90 pts (Melta Bombs; Power Fist)
1 Infantry Platoon @ 770 pts
4 Platoon Command Squad (Flamer x4)
1 Platoon Commander
1 Chimera (Heavy Flamer)
7 Infantry Squad (Meltagun x1; Commissar)
1 Heavy Weapons Team
1 Commissar (Power Weapon)
1 Sergeant (Melta Bombs; Power Weapon)
7 Infantry Squad (Meltagun x1; Commissar)
1 Heavy Weapons Team
1 Commissar (Power Weapon)
1 Sergeant (Melta Bombs; Power Weapon)
7 Infantry Squad (Meltagun x1)
1 Heavy Weapons Team
1 Sergeant (Melta Bombs; Power Weapon)
7 Infantry Squad (Meltagun x1)
1 Heavy Weapons Team
1 Sergeant (Melta Bombs; Power Weapon)
3 Heavy Weapons Squad (Lascannon x3)
3 Heavy Weapons Squad (Autocannon x3)
3 Heavy Weapons Squad (Autocannon x3)

1 Infantry Platoon @ 675 pts
4 Platoon Command Squad (Flamer x4)
1 Platoon Commander
1 Chimera (Heavy Flamer)
7 Infantry Squad (Meltagun x1; Commissar)
1 Heavy Weapons Team
1 Commissar (Power Weapon)
1 Sergeant (Melta Bombs; Power Weapon)
7 Infantry Squad (Meltagun x1; Commissar)
1 Heavy Weapons Team
1 Commissar (Power Weapon)
1 Sergeant (Melta Bombs; Power Weapon)
7 Infantry Squad (Meltagun x1)
1 Heavy Weapons Team
1 Sergeant (Melta Bombs; Power Weapon)
7 Infantry Squad (Meltagun x1)
1 Heavy Weapons Team
1 Sergeant (Melta Bombs; Power Weapon)
40 Conscripts Squad

1 Manticore Rocket Launcher @ 160 pts

1 Hydra Flak Tank Battery @ 150 pts
1 Hydra Flak Tank
1 Hydra Flak Tank

1 Ordnance Battery @ 155 pts
1 Medusa (Medusa w/Bastion-breacher Shells; Enclosed Crew Compartment)

Validation Report:
d-1. Formatting: Competition Output; c-1. File Version: 1.16 For Bug Reports/; 1. Guard Regiments: Imperial Guard (5th); b-1. Roster Options: Special Characters; a-1. Scenario: Normal Mission
Roster satisfies all enforced validation rules

Total Roster Cost: 2000

Created with Army Builder – Try it for free at

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Terrain rules!

Yarrr! My ever growing terrain collection will be coming back to TSHFT.   I think standardizing terrain is extra important for a game, hopefully these rules will make things clear, fast, and prevent anyone getting an unfair advantage. Now these rules are not official for TSHFT as of yet but I will be running them by the T.O., Zen. Feedback is welcome!

Chaosgerbil Battlereport: Tyranids vs. Ultramarines

Unless specifically mentioned otherwise, true LOS prevails. By default treat any part of a piece of terrain’s base as difficult terrain. Cover saves and other rules are detailed below. All cover saves mentioned are for non-vehicles, vehicle cover must be over 50% blocked LOS as described on pg. 62)

Craters: Difficult area terrain, 4+ cover for shots passing through or into base.

Desert spires: Difficult area terrain, 4+ cover for shots passing through or into base. The rock spires themselves are impassable and can block LOS.

Fences: Difficult terrain to cross (including for vehicles) 5+ cover save for shots passing through unless firing model is within 1″ of fence base

Hills: Difficult terrain check to go up or down steep rocky slopes. Clear terrain on top, or for hill sections without steep slopes. True LOS for cover. It may possible to disembark from a transport directly on to a clear area of a hill.

Impassable buildings: Impassable as per the normal 40k rules (including the normal exception for jump infantry found on pg. 52 and skimmers on pg. 71)

Intact buildings: Treat as an AV of 11. They may be entered only through an obvious door. The only firing points are from the doors, two models can fire out per port. If the building has a flat roof section, models in the building may get up or down from the roof by paying 3 inches of movement. Do not worry about hatches but place the model above the door the unit used to enter. Models may fire from the roof using normal LOS rules, and get a 4+ cover save.
(See pg. 78-79 for further details or ask TO if confused.)

Jungle / Woods: Area terrain, 4+ cover for shots passing through or into base, never provides cover to vehicles. Plant bases are for decoration and can be moved or removed freely.

Ladders: Can be used by infantry and jump infantry. Count vertical inches as movement.

Roads: Clear terrain, vehicles that remain on a road for their entire move can move and additional 6″.

Ruins:  Difficult area terrain, 4+ cover for shots passing through or into base. Unlike jungles, ruins can block LOS completely and potentially provide cover for vehicles. Treat ruin walls taller than the model as impassable for movement, including for vehicles (no Kool-Aid man shenanigans please). You do not need a ladder to go up a level, simply pay 3″ of movement. (Additional rules covering ruins are on pg. 82-85.)

Scatter terrain: (Crates, barrels, hedges, chest high walls, small towers, etc.) True LOS rules. 4+ cover save for shots passing through unless firing model is within 1″ of terrain fetaure. Difficult terrain to walk over. Larger pieces taller than the model should be considered impassable, use common sense.

Swamps: Difficult and dangerous terrain. 6+ cover save for occupants.

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Revised Ork list, + 2 TSHFT Ork pics

Hi folks. This is a quick one tonight. I got to try out a slimmed down versionof my Tzeentch wolves (The Elect). I had a blast shooting up some Grey Knights in a 1500 pt game. It was great practice for TSHFT where I plan to avenge my losses with a new army build. The core was solid and my new favorite psychic power is Murderous Hurricane! The mojo part works whether it wounds or not, and can really slow down units for lovely kiting. It could potentially encourage one’s opponent to make some errors, and cause failed charges and wasted turns.

I’ve been painting more Elect but I don’t have pics just yet. The above photos were taken by Zen at TSHFT of my Class B winning Orks. I revised the list a while back to include Snikrot, I think this build below is pretty strong for Orks.

If anyone has any ideas on freeing up points for more Lootas, Kans, or Buggies please let me know.

2000 Pts – Codex: Orks Roster

1 Warboss / Gorzag GoFasta @ 100 pts (Cybork Body; Power Klaw; Shoota/Skorcha Kombi-weapon)
1 Big Mek / Grotsquisher Willy @ 85 pts (Kustom Force Field)

19 Duggrukz Shoota Boyz @ 170 pts (Shootas; Big Shoota x2)
1 Boyz Nob (Bosspole; Power Klaw)

19 MorDakkaz Shoota Boyz @ 170 pts (Shootas; Big Shoota x2)
1 Boyz Nob (Bosspole; Power Klaw)

19 DatFingz Shoota Boyz @ 170 pts (Shootas; Big Shoota x2)
1 Boyz Nob (Bosspole; Power Klaw)

18 Capn’ Squigbeardz Freeboota Slugga Boyz @ 154 pts
1 Boyz Nob (Bosspole; Power Klaw)

12 Gretchin @ 46 pts
1 Runtherd / Ozwald

1 Nobz @ 402 pts (Count as Troop Troops; Stikkbombs; Nobz; Nobz; Nobz; Nobz; Nobz)
1 Painboy / Dr. Feeldont (Stikkbombs)
1 Nobz (Stikkbombs; Big Choppa)
1 Nobz (Stikkbombs; Waaagh! Banner; Power Klaw)
1 Nobz (Bosspole; Stikkbombs; Power Klaw)
2 Nobz (Stikkbombs; Big Choppa)
1 Nobz (Stikkbombs)
1 Battlewagon (Armour Plates; Boarding Plank; Deff Rolla; Grot Rigger; Big Shoota x2)

10 Lootas @ 150 pts

10 Lootas @ 150 pts

2 Killer Kans @ 90 pts (Grotzooka x2)

3 Big Gunz @ 88 pts (Lobba; Ammo Runt x1)
6 Gretchin
1 Runtherd

11 Kommandos @ 225 pts (Burna x2)
1 Boss Snikrot

Total Roster Cost: 2000

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Orks vs. Tyranids: Which do you think is the strongest list?

One of my hobbies is playing around with Army builder, trying to min max while keeping my lists full of variety. I like variety because it is usually more fun to play with and against.

I still try to keep in mind the concepts of redundancy and saturation as you need a resilient force.

I have been reading some of the codex reviews over at 3++ is the New Black and finding useful information. It inspired me to tinker with more army lists.

Last TSHFT I did not bring Snikrot, and it was a huge mistake. Without him several of my opponents were able to castle effectively and it accounted for my 2 losses and draw. I noticed in a comment on 3++ the idea to add IC’s to Snikrot’s unit. How awesome would it be to drop in a full Kommando squad with 2 Power Klaws in it? I am being risky with this list and taking a Warboss and Mad Doc Grotsnik, which will drop in an opponenet’s backfield. Since they are ICs I could choose to attach them to Boyz squads or the Meganobz trukk if need be.

2000 Pts – Codex: Orks Roster

1 Warboss @ 100 pts (Bosspole; Cybork Body; Power Klaw;

Shoota/Skorcha Kombi-weapon)
1 Mad Dok Grotsnik @ 160 pts
14 Kommandos @ 255 pts (Burna x2)
1 Boss Snikrot

12 Lootas @ 180 pts

12 Lootas @ 180 pts

3 Killer Kans @ 150 pts (Rokkit Launcha x3)

3 Killer Kans @ 130 pts (Grotzooka x2; Skorcha x1)

2 Warbuggies @ 70 pts
(Twin Linked Rokkit Launcha)

10 Gretchin @ 40 pts
1 Runtherd

19 Boyz @ 170 pts (Big Shoota x2)
1 Boyz Nob (Bosspole; Power Klaw)

19 Boyz @ 170 pts (Big Shoota x2)
1 Boyz Nob (Bosspole; Power Klaw)

19 Boyz @ 170 pts (Big Shoota x2)
1 Boyz Nob (Bosspole; Power Klaw)

4 Meganobz @ 225 pts (Count as Troop Troops; Cybork Body;

Shoota/Skorcha Kombi-weapon x2)
1 Trukk

I am really liking this latest Nid list, and it will be an inspiration to paint my unfinished bugs. It is a showcase of Tyranid killing power combined with some dangerous troops in decent numbers. It will most likely fold to Grey Knights but should be a strong contender against other lists.

1999 Pts – Tyranids Roster

1 Tyranid Prime @ 95 pts (Lash Whip & Bonesword)

1 Tervigon @ 175 pts (Cluster Spines; Catalyst)

10 Termagant Brood @ 50 pts

3 Tyranid Warrior Brood @ 105 pts (Deathspitter)

7 Genestealer Brood @ 119 pts (Toxin Sacs)

15 Hormagaunt Brood @ 150 pts (Adrenal Glands; Toxin Sacs)

15 Hormagaunt Brood @ 150 pts (Adrenal Glands; Toxin Sacs)

1 The Doom of Malan’tai @ 140 pts (Mycetic Spore)
1 Mycetic Spore (Cluster Spines)

3 Hive Guard Brood @ 150 pts

3 Zoanthrope Brood @ 180 pts

1 Tyrannofex @ 295 pts (Rupture Cannon; Cluster Spines; Thorax

Swarm (larvae); Regeneration)

1 Trygon @ 210 pts (Adrenal Glands)

1 Mawloc @ 180 pts (Adrenal Glands)

Please let me know which you think is the stronger list, or if you have any specific quibbles.

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The Elect of Magnus model list / army list brainstorming

I have decided that I really want to win both best overall (category A) and player’s choice for appearance at the next tshft. There is normally a pool of about 20 players, almost all who are veterans of the hobby.

I’m going to need durable, versatile troops; plenty of good shooting; and decent cc ability. Utility would be nice too. Now that Tony just won his second major event in a row with Space Wolves I am ready to give mine another shot. Last time I took an untested list that had serious flaws, and lost 3 games out of 5. This time around I want to win 4 games.

The Elect are mutated Thousand Sons, “counts as” Space Wolves, and lest any accuse me of bandwagon jumping I had the idea before the codex was even released. They escaped the rubric by being in warp transit on a space hulk. I have real Space Wolves in my collection, but I just love Chaos too much.

I have been playing around with various lists trying to figure out the best combination. I also want to include some of my better conversions for the appearance goal, so I am hoping to incorporate some cavalry, TWC spawn and Fenrisian wolves.

I want some kind of fun but powerful gimmick honestly. Since he is a powerful psyker (good for theme) and since Tony has been winning with him, I have been considering Njal. He is pricey though and there is no way I could take him and Logan.

Logan unlocks wolf guard as troops, and allows for my drop pod of death idea: Logan, 6 Longfangs with 5 multimeltas, a wolf guard with whatever, and a rune priest. Another idea is 4 rune priests in a wolf guard drop pod. Massed Jaws of the World Wolf would be hilarious.

Anyways I should mention the staples. Grey hunters are in, even in a Logan army they have their place. I only have 2 razorbacks and 2 rhinos for the force, but I will most likely get a third rhino. Standard Long fangs are too beardy to be ignored. I am looking at squads with 4 missile launchers and 1 lascannon. If I do not do my drop pod of death idea I will switch up the LF sqauds to swap out a missile launcher for a multi-melta. Enough stuff comes creeping into  midfield and closer that the MM should be able to shoot, and missile launchers don’t cut it against AV 14.

I love the idea of TWC but they are really expensive. It would be great to get at least 5 in out of the 8.

I have been working my ass off on a new, HEAVILY converted rifleman style dread. I’ll try to get pics up soon. I can find a place for him in the list.

Wolf scouts are tempting and I can probably fit in a squad for 85 points.

Ultimately I have a lot of hard choices to make as to what to bring. 2000 points runs out fast for me.

Without further ado, here’s what I currently have to work with:

28 w/ bolters / bp /ccw (4 are unpainted)
4 w/ wolf standards (1 unpainted)
5 w/ meltaguns (2 are unpainted)
2 w/ flamers
4 w/ plasma guns (1 unpainted)

10 w/ missile launchers (4 are unpainted)
3 w/ lascannons
5 w/ multi-meltas (2 are unpainted)
1 w/ plasma cannon (unpainted)
2 w/ heavy bolter (1 unpainted)

2 sorcerers on flying disks
1 Ahriman
1 converted fabius bile sorceror (unpainted)
7 w/ power swords
3 w/ power fist / combi-melta
12 possessed (wolf guard or mark of wulfen, and can finish 8 more)

2 rhinos
2 razorbacks ( can run TLL, Las/Plas and one as TL asscannons)
1 vindicator
2 predators (one w/ lascannon sponsons
2-3 “land speeders” sculpted gribblies
1 rifleman style dreadnought, (unpainted)
1 land raider hull (under construction, will be a redeemer someday)

30 or so fenrisian wolves, (1 unpainted)
8 TWC, various
1 Canis proxy w/TLLC
1 sorceror lord / terminator armor
1 terminator with assault cannon / reaper autocannon
1 terminator w/ cyclone ML, chainfist, possible combi-melta
3 terminators w/ storm bolter & power weapon (unpainted)
4 bikes (unpainted, probably will be painted as slaanesh)

tons of horrors, chaos guardsmen, daemon princes, spawn, and mutants to choose from

drop pods (yet to be constructed, but I could possibly use my half painted tyranid ones)

Each grey hunter squad in a rhino would look something this:

1 meltagun
1 standard bearer
1 wolf guard with power fist and combi-melta
5 jobbers
1 mark of wulfen (or one last jobber, especially if I use the possessed models for standard wolf guard)

Each squad in a razorback would just be dirt cheap, 4 bolter bp/ccw and 1 with a flamer.

Any suggestions?

Also, I need to finish changing over to Blood of Kittens hosting, currently mirrored more or less over at I have been lax in completing the move, like getting links updated. I just finished a new header for the BOK site and finally found a theme that works.


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I’m Back! Model Photos, TSHFT, plus a rant!

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

I apologize for the long delay. Between a job as an admin, a weekly RPG, a fiance and dog, my painting and converting, and a ton of video games and TV, I just didn’t have the energy. I also ran out of the higher quality photos that my friend Rory took.  Honestly it is kind of a chore to edit every photo and still not have them come out the way I want, but I will keep at it. My model photography skills are slowly improving, although my camera is till mediocre. As of now my job is over and I am going back to school, so I’ll try my best to blog more. Look for posts about once or twice a month. Also, if you have requests I will pay attention to them. I am still planning to do a Lost and The Damned codex update within the next few weeks or months.

TSHFT Tournament

Tshft was a blast, although I had no team this time around. I was requested to bring orks by the organizer Zen, and so I brought ’em. I didn’t finish all of my orks to the standard I wanted but I still managed to get all 50 painting points. At the last minute I decided that I wanted to include madboyz models, and instead of doing touchups on my boyz I spent one night upgrading the old pewter torsos with new plastic arms and other bits, and a night or two trying to speed-paint them to a decent standard. I knew I didn’t deserve best appearance this year, especially considering the winner’s spectacular Black Legion Chaos Marine army. I hope “the man from Idaho” return s next September so I can see how my best painted force stacks up in the minds of the public. My pirate landship battlewagon and freebootaz were well received, and I got some other life sustaining compliments. Now that I have been to several of these events I know more and more people so I was comfortable. Honestly my terrain collection saved the day, I supplied about half of the terrain for the event and I plan to bring even more next time.

After my defeats last TSHFT I was categorized in the “B”  bracket. To my surprise I took best overall for the wonderful veteran noob category, at the same time putting me back in the “A” bracket.I hadn’t played 40k since the last TSHFT so I knew things would be rough, but my boyz seldom let me down. Warboss Gorzag was slain every game on Day 1, so I brought in a Death Skull boss to replace him Day 2, and his lucky blue face turned my dice around.

Game one was a draw against castled Necrons, although since my battlewagon should have actually been destroyed instead of immobilized, I could have lost. I repaired the damage and went on to fuck up both monoliths with my deffrolla. The real problem was the Deceiver, I really had no answer to him. For some insane reason I charged him with my Nobz, only to have him float over to some shoota boyz camping on the center objective. It was still a really fun game and my opponent was quite accommodating.

Game two was short and bitter, I conceded after two or three turns of absolutely devastating tau shooting. My opponent was fine but I didn’t get to do much.

Game 3: A swarm of black templar terminators! Assault cannons and power fists all over the place! Thanks to some badly thought out objective placement, stolen initiative, and mistakes on my part, I lost game three after killing over 30 terminators midfield while 4 squads of 5 tacticals clustered on 2 board edge objectives. If I had managed to get my shoota boyz just a little close to one of my home objectives I could have tied. Really my biggest mistake was not placing my objectives close together. I did not like how the scenario allowed you to place objectives on the back board edge, but them’s the breaks.

I won game four against a risky Tyranid list that was nothing but a walking tyrant without guards, two Trygons, and a horde of vanilla and Ymgarl genestealers. The mission helped me out as both sides had to reserve half their force and roll for which half came on. My Lootas and Lobbas were untouched the whole game and shot quite well, I only lost one mob of boyz, the grot screen, a trukk, and random casualties here and there.

My last game was a win against a younger dark eldar player, who probably should have played more aggressively. My Lootas saved the day again taking out ravagers and raiders at vital times. Lilith was kicking my ass in assaults but I managed to trap her and her grenadeless blood brides with my kanz, killing her the last turn for an extra 3 battle points. The battlewagon was awesome again, I deffrollered a Raider, repaired some damage, then later went on to contest an objective last turn. We had to call it after turn 4  which was to my a dvantage, but I probably could have won a longer game the way things were going.

I was pleasantly surprised to win best in category with a 2 /2/ 1 record. At first Zen announced me as Best General in B and handed my a SM dreadnought prize, which I was happy about since my Tzeentch forces need a dread or two. He then took it back and gave me tons of orks, an amusing prize since I have around 10,000 points worth of the green fuckers! I will put them to good use though, I still need to populate my stompa after all.

List overview (not exact) (2000 points)

All basic nobs had a PK and a Bosspole. I don’t care what TKE and Stelek think, bosspoles are way too useful to leave out.

PK Warboss


Battlewagon with Deffrolla, grot riggers, 2 big shootas

7  fully equipped Nobz inna trukk

2 x 20 Shoota Boyz

20 or so Slugga boyz (Madboyz on foot)

18 Slugga boyz (Freebootaz in BW)

14 grots

3 x 10 Lootas

3 Killa Kanz with rokkits

3 Big gunz (Lobbas, 2 ammo runts, runtherd)

RANT: Ok so you’re sick of grey hunters… get over it!

I see a variant of the following all too often:
“Oh geez, more of the same. A bunch of troops in transports, supported by optimal fast attack, elite and heavy support choices. What a boring netlist.” Um, what? That’s how lists are built. You have a codex and a force org chart, and need to win missions… so what is the problem with trying to make the best list you can within your restrictions? The above quote is admittedly straw mannish but it’s better than calling out individuals.

Guess what… the Space Wolf codex has but three scoring troops choices, and one requires a special character. Grey Hunters are one of the most versatile troop choices in the game, and possibly the most points efficient. Frankly, Blood Claws suck by comparison, with the possible exception of a bunch in a Land Raider… but even then, Logan enabled Wolf Guard are better. So you’re bored by Grey Hunters? Ok, then don’t bring along Ork Boyz, Tactical Marines, Dire Avengers, Genestealers, IG Vets, Necron Warriors, Plaguebearers, or any other common troop choice. I mean really, what do people expect to see from a list?

I am all for creativity, but this can be easily expressed through conversions, painting, army back story, objectives, strategy, etc. I am not one to mock people for taking unusual or subpar units because I recognize that there is more to the hobby than optimized list building. In exchange, how about the fluffier than thou segment please relent from bashing on actually good lists just because they have seen similar combinations before. Marines in Rhinos, IG in Chimeras, Eldar in Wave Serpents… yeah, that is how those forces deploy for battle in most of the fluff and most gaming tables.. Please stop thinking you are clever and original just because you don’t like someone else’s army list. Should everyone stop playing Space Wolves and Imperial Guard because they are strong and popular choices? It’s really just another kind of elitism. Honestly there is nothing wrong with someone trying out flavor of the month forces, a lot of players get excited over whatever the newest book is. Let them.

I can field Orks, Tyranids, Chaos Marines, Daemons, actual Space Wolves, Thousand Sons “count as”  Space Wolves, traitor Imperial Guard, and even some badly painted OOP Eldar. Yay me. What will I take to the next tournament? Umm, how about whatever I feel like? It will probably be my Tzeentch Wolves or Traitor Guard, two forces I have a passion for and have poured countless hours into modeling and painting. they have back stories, conversions, the works. If someone wants to tell me my army is boring or cheesy because of the codex I pick I will just have to laugh.

What will it take to satisfy the haters? An army of nothing but Coteaz and dozens of Jokaero? Let me proxy with my mutants and we’ll try it out.

PROJECTS! And more photos!

As usual I am all ADHD about my hobby and don’t focus on one army for too long. I have been converting and painting models all over the map… Right now on my desk alone I have vehicle turrets, chaos spawn riding flying discs, servitors, orks, space wolves, mutants, and various chaos marines. There’s also a bunch of clutter, tools, paints, etc. Time to clean up I guess.

Besides all the painted minis in progress, and the old ones in need of touchups, I have over one hundred models ready to be primed. Besides the 8th edition set Skaven, they are almost all converted. For example I have about 6 unpainted daemon prince projects in various states of completion. As much as I would love to dive into Grey Knights or Dark Eldar my backlogged model collection and lack of money will simply not allow it. This is what happens when you are simultaneously excited for like five different factions. I should really get organized and finish up some specific pieces so I can get them photographed before Rory moves away.

I will try to get more pics up before the month ends, stay tuned. As always, comments are welcome, even snarky ones!





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The Elect trial list: MSU Cavalry (with lots of Tzeencthy pics)

The Elect Of Magnus


This first pic, like many others was taken by my friend Rory.  The other pictures below were taken somewhat hastily, I really need to make a proper lightbox.

My life has been hectic these last few weeks. I have gotten a lot done on my orks and Tzeentch chaos marines. I also have been busy converting more traitor guard and fiddling with other projects like mutated horrors and skaven.  My crazy new defiler daemon flesh-sculpt is just about done and ready for painting.

I have some ork lists to throw out there, (hopefully not to be thrown away completely) but this post is dedicated to The Elect.

Here is my latest brainstorm. Honestly it is a Stelek inspired list and I fear the high KPs (18). It should destroy a lot though. One of my favorite parts about it is that all the pieces have a very similar points cost and roughly similar threat, somewhat confusing target priority. It may be hard to play, but should be lots of fun with 9 TWC models spread out over 6 squads. I think rushing all the Cav together is the best bet, followed by Razorbacks moving 6″ towards objectives / center field while firing. The ML Long Fangs stay put, and the MM squad is my “Wildcard.” I have had enough crap rushing into me I do not think the range is a problem.

The Elect Of Magnus, Chosen Tzeencth, Survivors of the Rubric, True Changers All)

2000 Pts – “Space Wolves” Roster

1 Wolf Lord @ 210 pts (…in Power Armour)
1 Wolf Lord in Power Armour (Belt of Russ; Thunderwolf Mount; Bolt Pistol; Frost Weapon x1; Rending in CC only; Saga of the Wolfkin)

1 Wolf Guard Pack @ 112 pts (Wolf Guard in Power Armour; Wolf Guard in Power Armour; Wolf Guard in Power Armour; Wolf Guard in Power Armour)
4 xWolf Guard in Power Armour (Bolt Pistol; Power Weapon)

[These are given to the Grey Hunters]

5 Grey Hunters Pack @ 150 pts (Flamer; Razorback)
1 Razorback (Lascannon and TL Plasmagun)

5 Grey Hunters Pack @ 150 pts (Flamer; Razorback)
1 Razorback (Lascannon and TL Plasmagun)

5 Grey Hunters Pack @ 150 pts (Flamer; Razorback)
1 Razorback (Twin Linked Assault Cannon)

5 Grey Hunters Pack @ 140 pts (Flamer; Razorback)
1 Razorback (Twin Linked Heavy Flamer)

1 Iron Priest @ 125 pts (Thunderwolf Mount; Add Cyberwolves; Rending in CC only)
1 Servo Arm
2 Cyberwolf (Counter-attack)

1 Iron Priest @ 125 pts (Thunderwolf Mount; Add Cyberwolves; Rending in CC only)
1 Servo Arm
2 Cyberwolf (Counter-attack)

1 Thunderwolf Cavalry @ 155 pts (Thunderwolf Cavalry)
1 Thunderwolf Cavalry (Storm Shield; Power Fist)
1 Thunderwolf Cavalry

1 Thunderwolf Cavalry @ 155 pts (Thunderwolf Cavalry)
1 Thunderwolf Cavalry (Storm Shield; Power Fist)
1 Thunderwolf Cavalry

1 Thunderwolf Cavalry @ 155 pts (Thunderwolf Cavalry)
1 Thunderwolf Cavalry (Storm Shield; Power Fist)
1 Thunderwolf Cavalry

5 Long Fangs Pack @ 140 pts (Missile Launcher x5)
1 Squad Leader (Bolt Pistol; Close Combat Weapon)

5 Long Fangs Pack @ 140 pts (Missile Launcher x5)
1 Squad Leader (Bolt Pistol; Close Combat Weapon)

3 Long Fangs Pack @ 90 pts (Multi-Melta x3)
1 Squad Leader (Bolt Pistol; Close Combat Weapon)


Tzeentch dakka predator


Tzeentch dakka predator


WIP Defiler: using foam clay, green stuff, floss, and horror bits


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