Lost and The Damned Codex project log

I am making a codex for my favorite discontinued 40k army list, the Lost and The Damned.

Right now the codex is on version 1.3.  I added some Techmarine gear for keeping the rabble in line and made all sorts of adjustments.  The doc is ready for playtesting and feedback.

You can grab it here: Codex LATD 1.3

Add a comment or send me an e-mail at chaosgerbil@yahoo.com if you want a copy.

Here’s what I still plan to work on, outside of tweaks to the army list.

  • Background Section
  • Hobby Guide
  • Filler Illustrations
  • Pictures of painted models
  • Optional special characters / artifacts
  • Stat compilation chart for reference

About chaosgerbil

I'm an artist and hobbyist.
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