Costs …. mutants.

I think mutants should be 7 points.

Ork Boyz are a bit undercosted at 6, they are a bargain now (especially shoota boyz IMO).  I do want mutants to be able to stand up to orks for a similar amount of points, and be a bit scary as a cc unit while still be cheap enough to be able to field lots of them.

The point was made that mutants are a big step up from traitors set for close combat, which is valid.  a 2 point increase over “warrior weapons” guardsmen is more fair than 1 for an extra attack and toughness.  Still, guardsmen are supposed to be better at shooting so it’s not exactly cut out to be a CC troop like Ork boyz are.

Here’s what they are gaining and losing compared to a Slugga boy:


  • Flak (5+)  Not a great save but handy in close combat.  This makes them more survivable than boyz when stuck in
  • I3 always instead of just charging
  • No wounds from losing combat and being Fearless
  • Flamer option
  • Frag grenades
  • Possible infiltration (I think it should be +4 points instead of +3, considering kommandos)


  • They won’t be hitting as hard on the charge.  Losing a point of S there is big.
  • Shooting: This isn’t a big loss, as most slugga boy mobs run now. I think I will give the mutants a laspistol to fit in with the fluff about firearms, so they have something at least for flavor.
  • Ork leadership bonuses, being fearless helps against shooting
  • Waaaagh fleet move once a game
  • Rokkits and Big Shootas (should mutants keep big shootas?  It is flavorful, since heavy stubbers aren’t in.)
  • Powerklaws (although big mutants can do some good damage)
  • Transport options
  • Mutants have Rage (conditioned on having no character) but it won’t be a problem too often.

Here’s some mathammer results:

Same points cost:
30 slugga boyz charge 25 mutants = 20 dead mutants, 10.4 dead orks,     140 points of mutants to 62.4  points of orks  /  Orks win by 9.6 wounds
25 mutants charge 30 orks = 13.8 dead orks, 8 dead mutants   1.7 to 1      82.8 points of orks to 56 points of mutants / Mutants win by 5.8 wounds

Same amount of models:
30 slugga boyz charge 30 mutants = 20 dead mutants, 12.5 dead orks      140 points of mutants to 75 points of orks  /  Orks win by 7.5 wounds
30 mutants charge 30 orks = 16.6 dead orks, 6.7 dead mutants       99.6 points of orks  to 45.5 points of mutants / Mutants win by 9.9 wounds

Also, I want to run some mathammer on Chaos Spawn vs. Fiends and Bloodcrushers to see if 25 points is too low.


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