New IG Codex… and an anti-tank Russ

Damn the new IG Codex is good.  Like the ork book, it has a lot of options and really captures the feel of the army.  The orders system is wonderful, and I’m not minding the use of special characters do do neat tricks.  The upgrade guys that cost around 50-70 are useful and should be fun to proxy for my traitor guard models.

Here’s an idea to use the Leman Russ with the new tank commander character.  He is BS4 and gets +1 to Armour penetration rolls (or re-rolls hits against Monstrous Creatures) when his tank is stationary.

Turret: Vanquisher

  • (AP 8+1+2D6 = an average AP roll of 16, but it is only one shot)

Hull: Lascannon

  • (AP 9+1 + D6 = average AP roll of 13.5, not bad)

Sponsons: Multi-meltas (+1 on the damage chart will hurt. I think many targets will be coming to within range of you to shoot at 24″, but getting in those 12″ shots won’t happen a lot.)

  • AP when within 12″ (AP 8+1 + D6 = average AP roll of 12.5)
  • AP when within 24″ (AP 8 + 1 + 2d6 = average AP roll of 16)

All these goodies will cost about 250 points to field, but you can hunt landradiers.

As an alternative turret,  4 twinlinked autocannon shots at BS4 would be nice.   3-4 hits coming in at an average of AP 12.5 should cripple or blow up any light transport and most walkers.


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