LATD pictures… Daemon Prince, Psyker Squad, misc. WIP

Here’s some samples of what I’ve been working on, although none of the paintjobs are totally finished.  Click the pics for a larger view.

My camera setup isn’t great, I need a way to get enough light without a flash, and also a way to keep the camera stationary when shooting.

The psykers:  6 metal untouched OOP guys, and 4 with greenstuff conversions.

LATD 007

I started this guy as a psyker overseer and he ended up a genestealer hybrid, which I think I’ll keep.

LATD 008

I’ll use the guy below on the left as an astropath, or he might join the psykers as an overseer.  He was made from mostly Fanatic parts, with a CSM symbol, a zombie torso and a dark eldar blade.

LATD 032

LATD 033

This Daemon prince is mostly sculpted / scrath built, although one arm is metal from the old spawn, the wings are plastic from a toy, and the jaw is from a carnifex.  Underneath it all is a cheapo Battlemasters ogre. The photos below revealed both that my camera setup sucks and that he needed a touchup, so I just did some more work on his skin.  Next up is making the scythe rusty…

LATD 014

LATD 015

Here’s some new mix and match traitor guard, I like using the robogear guns as a variant autogun.

LATD 028


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1 Response to LATD pictures… Daemon Prince, Psyker Squad, misc. WIP

  1. ashley says:

    these are BEAUTIFUL! the colour choices are perfect.

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