1750 IG army list

This is what I can field currently.  Tonight I think I will round up all the models and know what needs to get painted.

I sent it to Stelek at http://www.yesthetruthhurts.com/ to get his advice.  I plan to buy a Hellhound kit or two and probably a Russ set as well.  I want to avoid loading up on a million Chimeras even if it is stronger to do mech.  I can model different turrets for the hellhounds so they can be fielded different ways including as chimeras, I’ll have 4 hulls to work with. I’ll need more magnets…

Anyways, here is the list, a basic gunline with a lot of heavy weapons and a few tricks:


Company command squad, + 2 meltaguns, + flamer, + power weapon 85
Platoon 1 command squad, +2 meltaguns, + mortar 55
Infantry squad, + meltagun, + mortar 65
Infantry squad, + flamer, + mortar 60
Sniper squad
Platoon 2 command squad, + 2 meltaguns 50
Infantry squad + meltagun, + lascannon 80
Infantry squad + meltagun, + lascannon 80
Autocannon squad 75
Lascannon squad 105
Veterans, + 2 meltaguns, + flamer 95
Psychic Choir (10), + chimera 165
Fast Attack
Hellhound 130
Rough riders (10) , + melta bombs sergeant 110
Scout Sentinel, + lascannon 50
Heavy Support
Leman Russ Battletank, + lascannon, + heavy bolters 185
Leman Russ Demolisher, + heavy flamer, + heavy bolters 185
Basilisk 125

Total: 1750

The Rough Riders and Sentinel are kept in reserve, the Sentinel outflanks.

Everything with a target stands and shoots. The pie plates and mortars will go on infantry blocks, and the lascannons will engage vehicles or MCs.  The autocannons are there to try to take out transports, bikes, or walkers.

When enemies get close, squads with meltaguns move in and incinerate big targets at close range and rapid fire with lasguns. If everything goes well they can either mop up for killpoints, run to objectives, or hug some terrain.

I can’t wait to get a devildog, banewolf and hellhound kit.  I might even drop the veterans or rough riders to fit one in now, but then I need a new chimera hull.


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