LATD 1.5 and notes

Here it is!

Codex LATD 1.55

Some of the points values on the new HQs need review.

Here are some changes:

  • Added in Exalted Champion HQ
  • Added in Mutant Overlord HQ
  • Added Rogue Trader HQ
  • Added Renegade Psyker HQ
  • Removed Techmarine Equipment as a list entry
  • Removed Aspiring Champion HQ entries, making them unit upgrades for mutants and traitors.
  • Addied Big Mutants back in, based more on the new Ogryns this time
  • I’m restricting and fine-tuning the allies system. Some units and unit combos should not be part of this list, for both fluff and rule balance reasons.  I think for HQ I will only let in Greater Daemons from Codex Daemons and some kind of  Daemon Prince.  With two versions of the Daemon Prince out there and one of them with Lash access, this is a tricky question. Also, I decided that allies will not count as scoring units.  I am not sure whether to let special characters in, some make sense like Fabius Bile and some don’t like the elitist Abbaddon.

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