40K Codex Priority and Thoughts about Allies

Here’s the rules GW should be putting out, in order.

1. Dark Eldar (DE Players have been waiting the longest)

2. Inquisition (The rules and points costs are outdated. The allies rules now can lead to broken combos or grey areas. There should be one comprehensive codex instead of two.

3. Necrons (Apparently getting owned in 5th. Widely misunderstood rules.  The book is old. )

4. Nids (The costs often don’t make a lot of sense, and having a dozen statline upgrades can be confusing for a beginner.  Everyone makes shooty Carnifexes nowadays because they are so powerful, although the earlier image of a ‘Fex was a dedicated close combat gribbly.  Solution?  Put a Melee fex in elites, and a dakkafex in Heavy Support.  You can balance the statlines.

5. Scenarios and Missions book, including skirmish rules and campaign guidelines, preferably in  modular chunks.

6. Variant Marine Chapters (To make them not suck without making them broken really wouldn’t be that hard.)

7. Variant Chaos Marine chapters / Lost and The Damned (This is my personal top priority for a GW project, so being #7 on the list shoudl show I’m trying to be fair with this list.

8. New alien Race

9. Kroot Mercenaries / Human Mercenaries / Pirates (especially if they never get to it in the Chaos re-write)

10. Genestealer Cult (another favorite, never gonna happen)

10,235.  Bring back Squats (ahem, I mean the Demiurgs….)

I really don’t want to see codex creep, just balancing units up to the level of IG, Orks, and Marines.To save space in a codex you could leave out some pages of stuff like “In 988M41 in the Bumfuck star system, the Sisters Of Battle were assigned to eradicate an uppity band of leperous vespene gas miners” Save that stuff for White Dwarf.

Thoughts on Allies

  • Writing fair rules for using allies amongst the 40k armies is difficult.  Certain combinations will break game balance, but for thematic reasons allies are great.  It makes the game more fun to field different parts of your collection. Allies give the opportunity to tell a richer story within a scenario. For example, you could have a guard infantry regiment coming to the aid of a space marine squad and hero
  • If an army can use only specific allies (like a Leman Russ for example) then put the stats for it in the codex. It doesn’t need a redundant page of fluff, just the weapons, options, and any special rules.  The main reason I’m not re-printing units in my Lost and The Damned is to avoid irritating GW with copyright issues.
  • Some matchups make sense, while other matchups make no sense.  Necrons and Tyranids have no fluff reason to ally.  Even within the Imperium itself, divisons exist. For example, while Sisters of Battle could ally with Marines, Guard, and Daemonhunters, they wouldn’t ally with Eldar, even though Marines and Guard might team up with Eldar or Tau against a mutual enemy.
  • I think the best rule is to use common sense and work out an agreement between all players.

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