Codex: Lost and the Damned Version 1.62 and response from Stelek

Here’s the latest, with some minor fixes and tweaks, especially to the allies section.

Codex LATD 1.62

So here’s what I sent to Stelek, his response in blue, and my response:

Here’s the latest, with some minor fixes and tweaks, especially to the allies section.

Codex LATD 1.62

So here’s what I sent to Stelek, his response in blue, and my response:


Hi Stelek,

I wanted to get your opinion and feedback on the Lost and the Damned Codex I’ve been working on. (Doc attached) It was one of GW’s numerous dumb mistakes to drop the LATD list entirely, when to me it is one of the most characterful and interesting concepts for an army. I complained for a long time to friends and forums, and finally decided to do something instead of just bitch. I respect your opinion and I want this codex to be fair: not weak, but not overpowered for the points. Alongside the native units in the codex, it allows allied units to be pulled Codex CSM, IG, and Daemons. I know some gross combinations could probably be made so the ally rules are still pretty early stage, but the rest is fairly fleshed out.

Thanks for your time,


Reply from Stelek:

If you provide a link to the document, I’m sure that’ll make for a better understanding for everyone. If you put it up somewhere, be glad to link it here.

I think it’s too powerful.

The allies you allow, will let people bring huge IG gunlines backed by nasty CC elements. Not sure how the Demons work in your army either.

I’m not sure having resilient troops, masses of tanks, and deep striking CC troops isn’t anyone’s dream army but much like most player made army lists–it just feels too perfect.

I think that’s part of why LATD was scrapped, although I agree it should not have been–now that all the other books you use as source material are out; it’s possible to redo the list.

Definitely though, you need to restrict things like the IG elements being able to bring squadrons (of any kind) and work out how the Demon elements work (if they work at all, in my view they don’t).

My reply:

Thanks for getting back to me!

The current codex, (version 1.62) is at, and my blog / project log is at:

Since I first wrote to you, I have been steadily updating the LATD list. I finally got the IG codex in hand, got more feedback, and read more of your blog. Opening up allies so wide was a mistake, sure it was a simple solution but just too open to abuse. Reading your reponse to the AdMech codex a while back made me realize that IG plus marines can easily be overpowered, and that an army that can field everything might have no weaknesses.

My current solutions:

Allies are restricted to two specific lists (some units from IG that are native to the codex, and special units). Allies not on one of these lists cannot be taken outside of special scenarios or without consent.

I never intended codex native units to field squadrons, and now squadrons can’t be taken as allies. Single vehicles only!

Since the army is composed of scavengers with shoddy supply lines, and for balance purposes, the army cannot include more vehicles of any kind than it includes units of traitors. This means: a max of 6 vehicles (if you fill up all troops slots with traitors); heavy mutant lists would have few if any vehicles; and armies in between would be a balancing act. Hopefully this will emphasize the infantry heavy nature of the army without eliminating playability.

I’m taking veterans out since Mech belongs in a regular guard list, and there are less elite forces amongst the rabble. Vets are powerful and just don’t belong. In the current version of the LATD codex, up to 2 units of chaos marines and cult marines can be taken, including possible rhinos, but they won’t be scoring units.

No mixing and matching of gods.

For Daemons, I am restricting them to basic troops and greater daemons only, and furies which suck anyways. They won’t count as scoring either. I don’t think this is a change from the version I sent you, but they: enter play as reserves, only have one cohort, and can use squad upgrades as teleport homers.

With these limits, is the ‘dex still overpowered?

Are there specific units that should be bumped off the lists?


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