Tweaking the 1750 list


Dropping the Sniper squad -50

Dropping the veterans    -95

Replacing heavy bolters with multi-meltas on LR Demolisher +10

Adding 2nd autocannon team    +75

Adding a master of the ordnance    +30

Swapping two mortars for lascannons in platoon 1 +30

Putting a heavy flamer on the Hellhound     Free

To be crass:

+2 multimeltas

+1 heavy flamer

+3 autocannons

+2 lascannons

+1 pie plate

-2 melta guns

-2 mortars

-1 flamer

-3 sniper rifles

-3 heavy bolters

-1 scoring unit (and-9 warm bodies)


About chaosgerbil

I'm an artist and hobbyist.
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