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Codex: Lost and The Damned Version 1.7

Her’s the latest version! Codex: Lost and The Damned Version 1.7 Minor tweaks mostly… Some character points costs were increased Mutant overlord is now a monstrous creature instead of a character Big mutant morale was improved Chaos Spawn were lowered … Continue reading

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The Necromundan 23rd The Necromundan 23rd started as a regiment of gangers and hive workers pressed into service. Men were badly needed in the sector and the standards for genetic purity were lowered, and many subtle mutations made it past … Continue reading

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Redesigning Warhammer 40,000

40k uses a lot of rules to achieve a simple result: How many models are removed? We can get to that result in a faster and more intuitive way. I’m working on an alternate ruleset that is compatible with the … Continue reading

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Nykara map

Map of the former kingdom of Mard, the northwestern corner of the Nykaran continent. Made with a combo of illustrator and photoshop, based off the continent map I did with colored pencils / pastels / pen. I’m not sure about … Continue reading

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