Redesigning Warhammer 40,000

40k uses a lot of rules to achieve a simple result: How many models are removed? We can get to that result in a faster and more intuitive way. I’m working on an alternate ruleset that is compatible with the models and universe of 40k, which could be easily adapted for other settings. Below are some of my guiding design principles:

Cover should help every unit against incoming fire

Basic grunts should have a chance to hit at somewhat longer ranges

Unit costs and upgrade costs need to be fair

True line of sight is true line of sight… a model out of los cannot be hit except by barrage weapons or scattering blasts.

Vehicles should be able to fire more weapons on the move but be either less durable or more costly.

Rules should be simple where possible to allow for fast playtimes, but not dumbed down. Strategy must be preserved.

Rolling tons of dice is slow and inelegant. It takes about 200 dice to resolve an assault from 30 charging orks, and that is just to resolve their attacks.

I’m planning on having:

A stat for ranged firepower which is a combination of B.S. and the ranged weapon used. This will change depending on range, in increments of 12″. Trops armed with special / heavy weapons will have different stats.

A a stat for defense which is a combination of toughness and armor.
This will change depending on cover.

A stat for assault which is a combination of W.S. , Attacks, Strength, and possibly Init. Getting off the charge will still help of course.

Let me know what you think!


About chaosgerbil

I'm an artist and hobbyist.
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