Codex: Lost And The Damned 1.8:

It’s here!  I decided to transport everything over from Word to InDesign, and it has been a lot of work.  I still have some minor clean-up to do but the whole thing is looking much better.  I added some graphics and the whole thing is now available as a PDF:

Codex Lost and the Damned 1.8

I added the traitor truck, traitor heavy weapons teams, and combat drug addicts.

I also wrote up a new HQ, the Plaguemaster. He is a durable fellow with some nurgle powers, and will be the first of several themed lords. I’m worried his points cost might be off.  The Merc Lord got a major update to make him more fun, I am also thinking about giving him Creed’s outflank buff or maybe some unique orders. Several of the HQs are getting rules that alter the force org or allow for special allies. Many of the H.Q.’s had their weapon lists altered.

Some profiles and points values were tweaked, and minor edits made.

Rules for allies had some edits, and a few units like psykers and hydras were added. Aspiring Champions are now back in HQ but have a rule similar to Wolf Guard so they can lead squads. Daemonic Possession was added to include Greater Daemons and Daemon Princes in a fun way.

The “Jealous gods” restriction was removed to allow for mixed armies.

You can follow some feedback action on the BOLS thread,


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