Tzeentch Wolves progress


Flipping through Codex: Chaos Space Marines I took a closer look at the color scheme for The Scourged.  To my dismay I noticed that their heads, shoulderpads, gauntlets and feet were black with red highlights.  While I like the idea that they hear all lies spoken by man and are driven insane, I’m simply not going to go with that scheme.

I will play my force as Thousand Sons who escaped the rubric of Ahriman while traveling through the warp.  They honor mutation as the ultimate form of physical change, and have vowed to hunt down Ahriman for his crime against the legion. I really can’t see a “fluff” based objection that holds up, since the warp allows for time travel and such it makes sense that some warbands were not affected by the ritual that turned them into automatons.  Besides, Tzeencth is the master of intrigue and I like the idea that his followers plot against one another.

I still need a name for this merry band and for the characters.

I’ve been pretty focused on cranking out models for this force.  The chaos marines (grey hunters) are almost all at least basecoated, and many are approaching a finished state. The possessed (wulfen) are looking mighty tasty. I have a rhino and predator done to a high standard, and another rhino and vindicator ready for highlights and details. Right now I am going to get started on the hulls for the second predator and the razorback.

The Thunderwolf cavalry will be chaos spawn riding on ground based tentacle filled disks I have made out of airdry foam clay. I have one landspeeder tentacle beast almost done, although he needs a rider.

The chaos hounds (fenris wolves) are all assembled with detailed bases, although I still have some more clay work to do.

For Canis I am thinking of using my chaos lord model with jump pack and twin lightning claws, chained to something grotesque. I could use my wingless tzeentch daemon prince but he is not a GW model and Conquest NW might be picky about that.

I decided I needed 4 troops after all, and since I am out of rhinos I am going with Zach’s suggestion to use a drop pod. This will allow me another tactical choice and I can always put it down empty if I have to. I am thinking about scrapping the chooser of the slain and Canis’s wolf to upgrade it with a deathwind launcher, I will need it against hordes. For the model, I have some toy “dragon eggs” that are the perfect size and shape, I will be adding many tentacles and some machine parts to make it into a creepy hybrid. One egg looks biological and will be used for this army, the other one actually has battered metal plates bolted on it in places and looks like a perfect basis for an Ork walker or drop kan.

Here’s the latest list, as always it keeps changing. Tzeentch would be proud…


195    Canis Wolfborn + 1 wolf
110    Rune priest; Living Lightning; Jaws of the World Wolf, Chooser of the slain

140    4x Wolf guard; 1 powerfist; 3 power weapons; 3 combi meltas; 1 storm bolter (for grey hunters)

185     8x Grey hunters; mark of wulfen; wolf standard; 1 melta; rhino
175     8x Grey hunters; mark of wulfen;1 melta; rhino
175     8x Grey hunters; mark of wulfen;1 melta; drop pod
165     5x  Grey hunters, mark of wulfen; flamer; razorback w/ TL Lascannons
120    15x Fenrisian wolves

70    Land speeder mm/hf
70    Land speeder mm/hf
230    4x Thunderwolf cavalry;  powerfist; melta bombs

115    Vindicator
85    Predator; autocannon / heavy bolter sponsons
165    Predator; twin-linked lascannon / lascannon sponsons


Lastly, here are some concept art pictures from Warhammer online that I just fell in love with…




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2 Responses to Tzeentch Wolves progress

  1. sonsoftaurus says:

    Sound cool, would love to see pics!

  2. chaosgerbil says:

    The pics are definitely coming, but since my main camera is out of order I am going to wait until I have enough painted to get my friend with his expensive camera to come over. The wait shoudl be worth it. 😉

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