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Cityfight bases and progress on “The Elect” of Tzeentch

Bases! Here’s a bunch of cityfight bases I made, for my Tzeenctch Wolves and my actual Space Wolves.  I  used corkboard, textured plasticard, aquarium gravel, sand, mesh, and bits from Pegasus terrain kits. I used tacky glue, white glue, and … Continue reading

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Ork pics

Since my Tzeencth photos will be delayed, here’s some greenskins… a few orky highlights from my WAAAGH posting days:

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Revisiting My Traitor Imperial Guard

Background The Necromundan 23rd were pawns of the Word Bearers. After suffering great losses to the dangers found within the Eye of Terror they were in need of organized support and protection. The Word Bearers are always in need of … Continue reading

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