Pictures galore! Tervigon, Mycetic Spores, Chaos vehicles, mutants, bio terrain

Hey folks, I finally got around to posting some pictures. The photography is challenging and eventually I’ll get my friend to take some higher quality shots.

Mutants led by a Word Bearer chaplain

Tervigon! I call this critter “Baby Mama.” My Tyranids are from a Hive Ship that splintered off from Hive Fleet Kraken. This Tervigon was made with a Carnifex kit and some extra talons, foam clay to form the abdomen, and grey stuff for the abdomen veins and carapace extension. The base was foamcore. It was a challenge to get the legs to pose right and stay in place while gluing, but I had better success cutting small slits in the foamcore for the legs to rest in while the beast dried.


Mycetic spores, unpainted… foam clay tentacles and toy rock plastic shell… the one in back is a megabloks egg.

Tyrannofex in progress, made from foam clay, wire, grey stuff and a carnifex head

Some unpainted terrain made from foam clay, expansive foam sealant, beer caps and random stuff

Partially painted terrain, mostly sefl-expanding foam, clear plastic shells and fake grapes

Tzeentch Rhino and Predator, almost finished

In progress Flawless Host Slaanesh Land Raider


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I'm an artist and hobbyist.
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12 Responses to Pictures galore! Tervigon, Mycetic Spores, Chaos vehicles, mutants, bio terrain

  1. Brent says:

    Man, that is really awesome stuff. I’ve not seen anything quite like it. Very, very cool.


  2. gavthorpe says:

    Very cool and gribbly. Ever thought of making a table so you could make your opponents fight in the guts of a hiveship?

    • chaosgerbil says:

      I am working towards the hive mind table in dribs and drabs, your comment is prompting me to consider it as a serious project. I have always wanted a hive ship board since I was about 15, due to a convention I went to. I heard about an event called “Hiveship Kraken” which was probably some form of the boardgame Tyranid Attack (which I later got). I never played in the event or saw the board but my young gamer mind dreamed up fantastic visions of fully modeled gribbly board segments.

      There are a few older tryanid terrain pieces kicking around that will be getting touch-ups and pictures eventually. One is a very large piece about 3′ x 4′ made mostly from self-expanding insulation foam. It is so uneven it will cause models to wobble and fall off of it. Since I don’t want to abandon the project I can use my new found mass quantities of Lakeshore airdry foam clay to fix it up and give better surfaces, not to mention more detail. A friend once suggested that I cover it up with some sort of tech installation including gantries, treadplates, etc. I think the coolest thing to do would be to combine all the ideas and use the large board to make an imperial style entrance into a hive ship. Given the massive size of some hive ships, and since there will potentially be tanks fighting on the hive board it would make sense that a fortified incursion point was constructed.

  3. Krill says:

    that is amazing; especially the rhino + nid terrain. Be sure to post pics of the finished tyrannofex

  4. MR_gecko231 says:

    i’m not that good at modeling, so do you know where i can get a tervigon? i just bought a tyranid battle pack so i don’t have many, i’m thinking when i have my finances up, i could buy another battle pack and a carnifex, that would be a good sized army, though not nearly enough for an apocalypse game, which i would love to play in. as i was saying, do you know where i can buy a tervigon? games workshop’s website doesn’t seem to have it, and i think it would be usefull. if you could suggest a good starting tyranid army size before an actually game, it would be great, thanks either way

    • chaosgerbil says:

      Unfortunately there is still no official Tervigon kit. Your best bet is to start with a carnifex kit and bulk out the body, and abstain from gluing gun arms on. Use either 4 scything talons + the back legs or even 6 scything talons and no legs.I used air-dry foam clay from Lakeshore Learning center for my Tervigon conversions but I have also used greenstuff and Apoxie sculpt, both of which are more expensive but give more control.

      Other than your tervigon (which should be scoring) you will need some gaunts for the tervigon, either genstealers or hormagaunts for some melee troops, and at least one full squad of hive guard. I made my hive guard from plastic warriors. Don’t forget synapse, Zoanthropes Tervigons, and Tyranid Warriors are a little more cost-effective than the HQs. Carnifexes are a bit overpriced points-wise in the current environment.

      Check out AbusePuppyu’s unit review for Nids. he knows much more than I about the list-building tricks for the army.

      Good luck


    • chaosgerbil says:

      I usually play games in the standard range, from 1500 points to 2000. Most events ain the US are 2000 pts. Here’s my latest list (in progress)
      2000 Pts – Tyranids Roster

      1 Tyranid Prime @ 115 pts (Lash Whip & Bonesword; Regeneration; Toxin Sacs)

      2 Tyranid Warrior Brood @ 160 pts (Lash Whip & Bonesword; Toxin Sacs)
      1 Tyranid Warrior (Barbed Strangler; Lash Whip & Bonesword; Toxin Sacs)

      1 Tervigon @ 175 pts (Cluster Spines; Catalyst)

      10 Termagant Brood @ 50 pts

      9 Genestealer Brood @ 153 pts (Toxin Sacs)

      22 Hormagaunt Brood @ 176 pts (Toxin Sacs)

      22 Hormagaunt Brood @ 176 pts (Toxin Sacs)

      3 Hive Guard Brood @ 150 pts

      1 The Doom of Malan’tai @ 140 pts (Mycetic Spore)
      1 Mycetic Spore (Cluster Spines)

      3 Zoanthrope Brood @ 230 pts (Mycetic Spore)
      1 Mycetic Spore (Cluster Spines)

      1 Tyrannofex @ 265 pts (Rupture Cannon; Cluster Spines; Thorax Swarm (larvae))

      1 Trygon @ 210 pts (Adrenal Glands)

      Total Roster Cost: 2000

      • MR_gecko231 says:

        thing is, i only have one battle pack, and i’m out of money, so i cannot buy any more units or supplies to make my own units (let alone the skill) but would i be able to play a very small game, i also would like to know the points of all the units, sorry that i’m so needy, but i just started in this game, i don’t even have all my units painted. the units i do have are as follows
        16 termigaunt brood
        16 hormagaunt brood
        8 genestealer brood
        3 warrior brood
        3 ripper bases

        thanks for all your help

        • chaosgerbil says:

          Check out the demo of the army builder program and get the 40k files. You can get points costs from that until you can get a codex. really there is no substitute for having a copy of your army’s rules to study along with the basic rulebook. Borrow one at least…

          If you run one or two of your warriors as a prime you can get your mandatory HQ, so you will have a legal list.

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