More Tervigon pics

In the process of trying to take decent pictures of my Tervigon for the BOLS competition, I ended up with a lot of photos. These have all been color corrected in an attempt to match the real life colors of the beast.

The End.


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I'm an artist and hobbyist.
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4 Responses to More Tervigon pics

  1. Turkadactyl says:

    What did you use for the Tervigon “womb”? I saw your conversion on BOLS and yours caught my attention the most. I think it is the most unique design out of the lot. A job well done.

  2. chaosgerbil says:


    The abdomen was made using air-dry foam clay from this company lakeshore learning center, and then the veins and carapace extension were made using two-part “grey stuff”.

  3. darrrrren says:

    looking really good man!

  4. ice says:


    i looked many creatures up to find something which is like the one i want to create and urs is the best rly nice

    i want to creat it like an antsqueen or like an beequeen but i needed a picture how this would look like and noch thanks of u i fond one ^^

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