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These rivets are killing me…

Within my vast collection of models exists virtually every standard of paintjob short of golden daemon level. I keep getting distracted by new and shiny things and then drifting back to old projects. Today I painted the skin on about … Continue reading

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Codex: Lost and The Damned 2.0 is here!

Yay! After much tweaking and fixing, I now present to you Codex: Lost and The Damned 2.0. (UPDATED 3/27/10) I haven’t gotten around yet to adding in new HQ’s and special characters, but I wanted to focus on getting the … Continue reading

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A prolific month for models…

Blasta from Da Past: Old Orks and New Orks! I am nearing completion of the paint job on the larger Battlewagon.  It’s Evil Sunz of course, and it needs maybe an hours worth of detailing before I will call it … Continue reading

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