A prolific month for models…

Blasta from Da Past: Old Orks and New Orks!

I am nearing completion of the paint job on the larger Battlewagon.  It’s Evil Sunz of course, and it needs maybe an hours worth of detailing before I will call it done.

The smaller wagon has since had much more work done on it to finish the hull, but tonight I gave its ram to a trukk I am refurbishing, and attached the GW deffrolla in its place. All my other battlewagons are wider and the GW one fit the narrowest one the best. I am only going to give some of the battlewagons deffrollas partly because they will be a pain to make.

My Stompa conversion is nearing completion, although I have to redo his head since I accidentally glued shut the top lid. I built a large network of scaffolding and ladders on the back, soon to be populated with a diorama of sorts.

I got a package in the mail of my super old, super beat up orks. They had been on a very long-term loan to some good friends back in California. Most of it was buggies, trukks, wagons, and some badly done or OOP killa kanz. Virtually all the bits were of Gorkamorka era or earlier, going all the way back to several rogue trader boyz krewing for buggies and trukks. Yes, going back to the first lead ork kit… some old stuff.  As much as I am nostalgic for the aesthetic of the old orks, they are simply too weedy now in comparison to the newer sculpts. Scale creep for sure, but also quality creep to be honest. Anyways I couldn’t stop myself from getting to work pulling apart the wrecks like a blue faced looting git, throwing away clumps of hot glue and clay, mercilessly purging old models and crappy looking bits from the hulls of my earliest creations. They were already pretty beat up, but I am determined to rebuild most of the fleet to make my ork horde even more fast and killy. I am trying to preserving some of the past while rebuilding the models to a much higher standard. Last night I started the rebuilding process and even got out the hot glue gun for old times sake. Apparently the long awaited new buggy kit is set to be released in June, which will be great since I can buy a kit or two and use the extra bits to make my refurbished buggies more badass. Praise Mork!

The Mek’s shop is busy…


The new kanz were the stimulus for the old boyz being jettisoned back to me. Killa Kanz are changing lives right and left. A few days before the box came, I had just done some work on my own killa kan fleet, thanks to the amazing, wonderful, inspirational GW Kan kit.  The arms were a little badly thought out (sticking out at 45 degree angles looks kinda silly) but otherwise the kit is genius.  I had 10 assembled Kanz, some with magnet arms, only to find 6 more old and broken ones in the old box. Now I just have to do some finishing touches, like adding more armor plates, cables, and gubbinz.  Gubbinz are in high demand from my numerous ork projects but I have a few left over from the Stompa build and some good bits salvaged from the box of old ork crap.

Golden Throne / Stuff I painted

My local GW had a contest of sorts, trading away store credit for assembled but unpainted miniatures that you register at the store, and then paint within about a month. I heard about this deal late and then procrastinating on registering any miniatures. I ended up with about 3 days to paint as much as I could to a finished standard,

I Painted:

10 Genestealers

10 Hormagaunts

10 Spore mines

3 Lone wolves


2 Lobbas / 1 Zzap gun

10 grot crew / technicians

9 Dark Reapers

Painted but not finished:

12 Ork Boyz

12 various new kit inspired space wolves

6 Burnas

During February and early march I painted about 30 chaos hounds, the Battlewagon mentioned above, 6 Nobz, a Trygon, a Tervigon, a Venomthrope, a Carnifex,at least two dozen various Gaunts, two 100o sons razorbacks.

I did some painting or conversion work on a host of other miscellaneous models and terrain projects. This was mostly 1000 Sons stuff, Traitor guard, the Ork stuff already mentioned, some other Warbosses, Warhammer quest stlye minis, a couple of Lictors,  and a couple servitors.

When redeeming my fully painted stuff I decided to bring in a sample of the painted but not registered work. This was the chaos wolves, Battlewagon, Nobz, and the Tyranid big creatures. My work was appreciated (especially the Tervigon) and I walked away with some great models: 10 gargoyles and a box of boyz to use for krew on my vehicles.

I built about 16 Daemonettes and the started on 16 new traitor guard conversions.  I finished the sculpted Warhammer quest inspired cave board. I made good progress bringing back a cannibalized Wazdakka conversion to life, based on the picture in the codex. This will be my 4th bike boss, and the 3rd that could stand in for Wazdakka.

Coming up next…

Coming in the mail are the bulk of the models I blew my tax refund on. I’ll be doing a Hive Tyrant conversion using the metal kit and making 3 Hive Guard from three Tyranid warriors. I have a big Rat Ogre project coming up, which will intersect nicely with yet another project, building even more Disc-riding spawn: failed Daemon Princes. My traitor guard will be getting a Hydra and some new veteran models. Lastly I will be building and painting many many zombies, and giving touch ups to the old ones.

Even better than all the new models is the fact that I am finally getting a case. I will finally be getting off my ass to go play some 40k.

More pictures soon! They will be of the new stuff.

I will close out with some more blast from the past pics:

From Left to right:  An unfinished gunwagon, my Epicast Stompa, a poorly done buggy, two wagons that are currently under reconstruction.

An old 40k battle versus my cousin, I think from 2003.  It was Lost and The Damned versus Feral orks, both legal lists in 4th edition.


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9 Responses to A prolific month for models…

  1. Spikeybits says:

    I like the bigger wagon. The front hood looks good too, I made the mistake of using two of the front pieces but I like how you split it. What is the white stuff? Plastic card? Looks like its all textured out..

  2. Spikeybits says:

    You dont have me on your blogroll??!! we’re fighting 🙂

  3. chaosgerbil says:


    The white parts are indeed various types of plasticard. I used different thicknesses depending on the needs of the model and added a few textured bits. I’m pretty sure an old gift card was used as well for economy. The bottom was reinforced with some wood pieces and plenty of glue. I did battle damage and shaping with a razor blade as well as a scissors and plastic snips.

  4. tastytaste says:

    Glad to see my little surpise package is got your all Ork Crazy for the moment!

  5. Brent says:

    Ah, the prolific Gerbil… I love what you’re doing.

    Got a question though: is that Battlewagon in the last picture one of the old ones or a scratchbuilt?

    Just curious – Brent

  6. TheKingElessar says:

    Awesome – I always love to see Konvershuns! 🙂

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