Codex: Lost and The Damned 2.0 is here!

Yay! After much tweaking and fixing, I now present to you Codex: Lost and The Damned 2.0. (UPDATED 3/27/10)

I haven’t gotten around yet to adding in new HQ’s and special characters, but I wanted to focus on getting the core product correct.

Feedback is loved! Thanks again to all those who have left feedback for previous editions, helping this document to become better with each version.

I fixed up the Mutant Overlord from a prompting by Yaranaika, hopefully I got the points values to be fair.


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6 Responses to Codex: Lost and The Damned 2.0 is here!

  1. Yaranaika says:

    Awesome stuff! Always fun seeing someone breathing new life into The Lost and the Damned army. Only thing that bothers me is the Mutant Overlord unit, which is a bit dull on the options side of things and the Mark of Tzeentch that adds +1 to a Inv. save it doesn’t have.

    Love your work!

  2. chaosgerbil says:

    Thanks a bunch I will issue a correction soon. Any ideas for the mutant overlord options? Keep in mind that as written he is an MC.

    • Yaranaika says:

      Well Tyranid biomorphs could be a source for inspiration, Regenerate and Tusks springs to mind. Some light shooting options could be something, I’m thinking along the lines of Flamer, Heavy stubber and such (or maybe something like Tyranid weapons?). I’m not to keen giving him wings but something to boost his speed would be good, assaulting like Cavalry/Beasts perhaps?

  3. Atrotos says:

    Review of the codex is now up on Rules Manufactorum.

    • chaosgerbil says:

      Thank you very much for the review. I always make an effort to incorporate feedback when I update the codex and you made a lot of good suggestions.

      A few of the suggestions / criticisms are a little on the nebulous side. This does not mean that they are bad comments just that they will be harder to implement. For example, “In general the list lacks a clear identity, it attempts to piece together pieces of other codecies rather than forging it’s own identity.” I kinda get what you are saying, but I am trying to stay true to both the original LATD book in Eye of Terror and stick with units established by the main rules. I don’t want everything to be unique since the combination will be unique.

      “…an overwhelming amount of close-combat choices without denying itself any firepower.” I don’t consider the close combat choices to be game breaking or OP, especially in comparison to some of the deathstar units from GW codexes. AS far as shooting the main limitation is the Scavengers rule, you can get 6 vehicles max (not counting crappy traitor trucks) and only if you take all 6 troops choices as traitors (basically guardsmen.) How should I limit the shooting further? I want to give options for different playstyles and to reflect the diversity such a list might have, but I don’t want a straight IG clone.

      Anyways I will post more later and put up a new version of Codex LATD trying to incorporate your feedback. Thansk again for the time and attention.

      BTW here is the link to their site, for more homebrew 40k rules.

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