These rivets are killing me…

Within my vast collection of models exists virtually every standard of paintjob short of golden daemon level. I keep getting distracted by new and shiny things and then drifting back to old projects. Today I painted the skin on about 20 in-progress orks to a very high standard, which only served to remind me of all the janky old orks waiting for touchups. So much to do…

Reading about the continuing success of “The Leafblower” and seeing some traitor guard armies from Adepticon photos reminded me about all the detailing my own traitor guard forces needed. I grabbed the box of vehicles and took a good look…. only to be horrified by all the little things that I never finished. Skulls left painted primer black, inconsistent and sloppy shades of black, runes that were dull and blurry, egads. I decided to take the plunge and start plugging away semi-randomly at the vehicles. I’ve decided to pick out all the rivets and most of the chaos symbols in gold. It’s going to take forever! As if I didn’t have enough touchups to do. In any case the effort is paying off and the gold detailing is helping the models pop and look a lot cleaner. I also went through and muddied the bottom of all the tanks, and the motor pool has never looked more consistent.

At least a new (to me) podcast is keeping me sane through the refurbishing process. It’s The Gamer’s Lounge, and I like it a little better than 40k radio. It helps that I don’t have to hear the same drink recipe and Battlefoam ad every 20 minutes. (Nothing against Battlefoam, in fact I have a case on order so I can actually go out and play the damn game.)

I’m also deciding if I want to sacrifice a chimera to become a hydra, since I have two bastion wall kits and one chimera kit ordered. With only 4 chimera hulls (not counting my hellhound variants) I am leaning towards picking up another chimera instead of cannibalizing. CCS + Psyker squad + 2 meltavets all mounted up seems pretty necessary for my force. I am still sticking with a sizable platoon, but leaning away from separate heavy weapon squads which usually seem to get chewed up fast. Since my BBS Medusa does so well, I am planning to build it a brother for extra tank destroying power. Together with the new hydras it should really buff up my list. For that last heavy support slot I am thinking of doing one demolisher, and I’m even planning on trying out multi-melta sponsons instead of the silly heavy bolters it has.

Ok pics soon, I know I keep saying that but I mean it this time!



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3 Responses to These rivets are killing me…

  1. chaosgerbil says:

    If I put up pics will you link me?

    After an exhausting search for working batteries and the USB cable I took some pics with my new camera last night. Then I find out the borrowed cable is the wrong size, so I ordered a memory card, cable, and tripod. I bought rechargeable batteries today. There will be pics!!!

  2. TBH, I’m waiting for something to put up as Community Post of the Day from you, and link you then…since I haven’t thus far it only seems fair that I draw attention to it, when I have so many links already.

    So get on and pictify! lol

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