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Actual Space Wolves! Musings on updating an old collection

For some reason I decided to give some attention to my long suffering ancient Space Wolf models. Note that these are actual Sons of Russ, and not my Elect of Tzeentch proxies.  I have a combination of 1st generation lead … Continue reading

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40k Photos: Thousand Sons, Hive Guard and Skaven WIP

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MOAR PHOTOS!!! Warbosses, Tzeentch Chaos Marines, Traitor Guard, Space Wolves

I’ve decided not to let perfectionism hold me back. Here’s a bunch of model pics for you, from my desktop. Not everything is 100% finished, but holding back photos on account of that just doesn’t seem right. Here’s some work … Continue reading

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Mercenary Lord Darion Haven

A Lost and the Damned Special Character (Designed by BOBliness, edited by Chaosgerbil.) A governor on a little-known and inconsequential planet in the Timbra sector on the Eastern fringe, Lord Darion Haven was one of the first to trade with … Continue reading

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Codex: Lost and The Damned 2.15 (UPDATED)

The new version is out! Codex: Lost and The Damned 2.15 (PDF) It has a background graphic  now and a new chaotic image for the dividers. I have been increasing the font size from 9 to 10 in entries for … Continue reading

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