Codex: Lost and The Damned 2.15 (UPDATED)

The new version is out!

Codex: Lost and The Damned 2.15 (PDF)

It has a background graphic  now and a new chaotic image for the dividers. I have been increasing the font size from 9 to 10 in entries for easier readability but this process is not 100% done. I updated many entries and made numerous formatting changes.

The whole book got a serious face-lift, with updated graphics and cleaner layout. Thanks again to Atrotos at Rules Manufactorum for the prompt, with this review.

I changed the allies system back to one choice per 500 points, but got rid of the division between “Native” and special allies.  I played with the force org modifying abilities significantly for the H.Q.’s. The list of Psychic powers is expanded and has been moved to its own page for easy reference. I really want someone to go through and comment on the points level for these at some point. I am most likely going to open up the psychic powers list for other characters in the future.

I updated the background image. Using transparency in InDesign is fun, but it is using too much resources in the final PDF.

Upcoming entries, To Do list

–Rogue Psykers entry (To replace Psyker battle squads)

–Tzeentch themed Chaos Marine character: Mad Prophet / Master Of Intrigues He will select some powers from the psychic list but be more expensive than the Renegade Psyker Leader. (Allows one unit of Screamers and/or one unit of Flamers as an allied choice.)

–Slaanesh themed Chaos Marine character: Lustweaver (Allowing one unit of Fiends and/or one unit of Seekers as an allied choice.)

–Khorne themed Chaos Marine character: Blood Lord, perhaps a less generic name would work better. (Allows one unit of Bloodcrushers as an allied choice.)

–Named Characters… Special characters will go in a section at the end of the book. There will be a fallen Inquisitor and a hulking Master of Mutants. Also, Fabius Bile will be added to the allies list.

–Merc Lord Darion Haven, a character sent in by BOBliness. I am in the process of editing his rules to fit in with the book. The background I am leaving intact.

–At some point I will flesh out the Daemon Weapons, I’ll ask Mkerr about borrowing ideas from his, and take a look through “Slaves to Darkness” for ideas as well.

–I am going to email Dave Taylor and ask him about including the Stalk Tank as an entry.

–I need to finish formatting, adding dot leads and making sure everything is the right size.

If anyone has art, photos, units, or battle reports they want included… send them in to me and I will take a look.


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