Mercenary Lord Darion Haven

A Lost and the Damned Special Character

(Designed by BOBliness, edited by Chaosgerbil.)

A governor on a little-known and inconsequential planet in the Timbra sector on the Eastern fringe, Lord Darion Haven was one of the first to trade with the Tau.

His home planet Learion was hit by rapid and crippling climate change, leaving crops ruined and livestock starving planet-wide. Insignificant to Imperial politics, Lord Haven’s requests for aid were ignored, leaving him no choice but to seek alternate sources of food for his people.

By a coincidence of fate Learion was one of the first planets in the Imperium to be visited by the Tau water caste, eager to establish trade with humanity and begin their assimilation into the greater good.

Favourable trade agreements were established and Learion was temporarily rescued from its fate.
Lord Haven found the Tau intriguing and their technology fascinating. He was obsessed with technology and was a genius at adapting the Tau technology for human use.

In honour of the establishment of trade between Learion and the Tau Empire, Lord Haven was gifted many items of value, including several pieces of implant technology that Tau scientists had worked with him to adapt for human physiology.  In this the early years of the Tau contact with humanity they had yet to realise that they were dealing with more than a few worlds and they pursued their usual path to bring another race into the greater good.

However the Imperium soon showed itself to be far greater than a few worlds as the Damocles crusade smashed into Tau space and drove deeply into the Tau empire, purifying any Imperial worlds it deemed as tainted by contact with the xenos.

Learion was but one of many worlds to feel the brunt of the Emperors wrath and in refusing to resign and refusing to rescind his contact with the Tau empire, Lord Haven doomed his world in a single communication to the orbiting ‘Emperors Flame’. In a handful of days the world’s recently recovered ecosystem and society was decimated by orbital bombardment and Lord Haven was forced to retreat to exile, abdicating governance of his people.

Darion Haven sought out the Tau and offered his services and those of his guard, in return for safety, payment and access to Tau technology.  The Tau accepted.

From that day forward Lord Haven joined the thousands of mercenary bands that work with the Tau, his loyal guard fleeing with him to form the bulk of a force that would be a thorn in the side of the Loyalist crusade.

The death of thousands of his people weighed heavily on Darion’s mind and he was twisted with hatred for the Imperium that had so betrayed him, swearing that he would exact a price in blood from the Marine companies of the Emperor for every man woman and child slain on Learion and this became the driving force of his remaining life. Quickly recognising that his human lifespan was simply not sufficient to enact his vengeance he sought out ways of extending his life, using Tau and Imperial technology alike and often hybridising the two in ways the Tau have not allowed any others to imitate.

In the following decades more of his body was replaced with technology, sometimes as rewards from the Tau but more often as a life-support measure after particularly brutal battles. After his left eye and most of the left side of his face was torn away by a marine chain-sword while defending an Ethereal on Dal’yth prime at the height of the Damocles crusade the Tau surgeons replaced the eye with a cybernetic implant designed to improve his accuracy and based on the Tau markerlight technology.

His continued fascination with Tau technology led to perhaps Darion’s greatest invention, the twin missile launcher system he named Death and Taxes. Having now fled the Imperium, and having found methods to extend his life, he was famously quoted as stating that “though nothing is certain for me any longer, I will bring back the two great certainties to the lives of the Emperors Marines.”

After his assistance in securing an outpost on the desert world of Ili’yetharn Darion was further rewarded with the honorary title of shas’vre, a rank never before granted to a non-Tau and an indication of their respect for his commitment to the greater good. Though still a fighter for hire, Darion has been known to fight for free in any cause against the Imperial Space Marines and has only ever faced the Tau in civil disputes to date.

Though his life as an outcast and his hatred of the Imperium has twisted Darion, he remains at heart a good man, untouched by the taint of chaos. His armies, though traitors to the Imperium, are not worshippers of the dark powers, merely mortals that have been rejected by human society for whatever reason.

Unlike most Mercenary leaders Darion has both the resources and the will to lead on a large scale, often seen at the head of forces numbering in the hundreds if not thousands.

His old Imperial contacts and the area of the galaxy in which he operates ensure that there is never a shortage of men or machines with which he can force combat.

Mercenary Lord Darion Haven                  210 points

WS          BS          S            T            W            I            A            Ld            Sv

Darion Haven              4            5            4            5            3            4            3            10            3+/4+

Unit Composition:

1 Darion Haven (unique)

Unit Type:



Death and Taxes**

Eye of Learion**

Extensive Bionics**

Conversion Field (4+ Inv. Sv)

Modified Crisis suit (3+ Sv)

– Suit-mounted Close Combat Weapon

– Suit-mounted Flamer

– Suit-mounted Plasma Pistol

– Suit-mounted Power fist

Flechette Grenades (Offensive)

Photon Grenades (Defensive)

Special rules:

A Traitor In Name Only**

Favoured of the Tau**

Hates Space Marines**

Acute Senses

Independent Character


Hit and Run



Special Rules:

A Traitor In Name Only:

Dorian was a loyal servant of the Emperor, placed in an impossible position by fate. Though he hates the Emperor and by extension the Imperium, he does not follow the ruinous powers and does not consider himself to be a traitor. While not above using his men as “meatsheilds” to protect himself, he still destroys Chaos forces where he can. As such, no army that includes Darion may include any of the following:
– Any unit from Codex : Demons

– Any unit from Codex : Chaos Space Marines

– Any other HQ selection

– Chaos Spawn

– Gibbering Hordes

– Plague Zombies

– Chaos Hounds

– Giant Chaos Spawn

Favoured of the Tau:

Dorian has offered much service to the Tau Empire and sees them as his adopted home. As such, common mercenary components of Tau forces are commonplace within his forces. His extensive bionics even allow him to communicate with Kroot and Vespid in a similar manner to Tau commanders. A force led by Darion may include Kroot Mercenaries and Vespid Stingwings as Allies choices, which count as scoring units.

Death and Taxes:

Inspired by seeing Tau Broadside battle-suits and Hammerhead tanks in action, Darion worked on a guidance system capable of delivering similar results using Imperial technology. Once completed, he named the weapons system ‘Death and Taxes’. The system incorporates two missile launchers, integrated into Darions armour on twin shoulder mounts. The launchers are of standard Imperial design, but their firing, loading and guidance systems are a complex hybrid of Tau and Imperial technology. Darion’s optics and firing controls are hardwired to advanced Tau Multi-tracker & Target Lock systems. This allows him to fire on the move at different targets simultaneously. All these systems weigh down his suit’s jump jets considerably, which only have enough fuel to power jumps in exceptional circumstances (represented by his Fleet / Hit and Run rules)

Darion can split his fire at any targets he can see within 48”. He can fire two shots, and mix and match frag and krak missiles. If Darion is leading a unit, he may fire his weapons and resolve charges independently of the unit he has joined. He can also fire his suit mounted flamer or plasma pistol at any target, this is resolved immediately after the missiles. Instead of firing two missiles, he may choose one of the special attacks below:


A hail of frag missiles is launched from the twin tubes in a specific pattern at the designated target area creating a storm of death so dense that only heavily armoured foes can survive it.

Darion must roll to hit twice to use this attack. If neither attack hits then the shot is disregarded. If a single attack hits then resolve the attack as a barrage of two frag missiles on the target. The first missile in the barrage automatically hits the target, the second missile must scatter as normal for a barrage.

If both attacks hit, then place the large blast template over the target model. All models touched by the template take a S4, AP5 hit with no cover save allowed.

One Two punch:

The twin missile system locks onto the target and delivers two super-krak missiles in a precisely timed sequence such that the first missile strikes the center of impact of the first missile half a second after the first detonates. As such the second missile strikes an already weakened area, wreaking greatly increased damage on even the most heavily armoured target.

Darion must roll to hit twice to use this attack against one target. If a single attack hits then resolve the attack as a single krak missile. If both attacks hit, then the attack is resolved as a single S8 AP1 hit which rolls two d6 for armour penetration.

Eye of Learion

The Eye of Learion is one of the three main cybernetic upgrades given to Darion by the Tau Empire in reward for his services during the Damocles Crusade. The Eye is an adapted networked markerlight.

The eye allows Darion to ignore the cover saves of any of his targets. He also benefits from Acute Senses.

Extensive Bionics

Darion has had so many cybernetic improvements made to his body that he is arguably more machine than man. The extensive self-repair systems he makes use of to prolong his life are also more than capable of dealing with combat damage if given time.

Any time Darion loses his last wound, lie him down on the table where he died. At the start of his controlling player’s next turn he will be returned to life with one wound on a d6 roll of 5+. If this roll is failed, remove Darion as a casualty. If Darion is lying down at the end of the game, he counts as a casualty.


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2 Responses to Mercenary Lord Darion Haven

  1. I’d like it if Allies never scored. This is a general thing, not a specific criticism of this character, but I think it makes into less of a no-brainer (say, Plaguebearers, for example) to take resilient but not really killy stuffs.

    *Shrug* – I think it forces harder choices on the person who gets this sudden greater freedom in list writing.

    • chaosgerbil says:

      Most allies that I am allowing to score with the right HQ are not that strong of choices anyways, and are restricted to one or two units anyways.

      I think the full list is:
      Ratlings, Kroot, IG Veterans, Vespids, Plague Zombies, Plaguebearers

      I’d like to hear more about why allies should never score.

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