Incoming! A Kult of Speed will be invading the next TSHFT.


I just got back from TSHFT, and it was a blast. I had twice as much fun as last year, despite losing 3/5 games. A report will be forthcoming with all the gory details, and I’ll tell you all what I won.

My Kult of Speed will be demolishing all opposition next time around. It’s not going to be some gamey all Nob bikers all the time kind of list either.

Rivets… omg rivets… maybe I will try out GW’s new thin brush on superglue after all.

Also, Island of Blood Skaven have slithered and crawled on to my desk, demanding attention. I couldn’t hold out any longer.

More soon!


About chaosgerbil

I'm an artist and hobbyist.
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3 Responses to Incoming! A Kult of Speed will be invading the next TSHFT.

  1. Papa JJ says:

    I only started checking out The Chaosgerbil’s Lair a few days ago and have been just amazed by the awesome pictures that you’ve got here. It’s really inspiring to see your work presented in such well composed photographs. Best of luck with your new Kult of Speed and all those rivets.

    • chaosgerbil says:

      Thanks for stopping by JJ. Most of my Kult is old and already assembled, but I still have a lot of work to do replacing a few 1st-3rd edition models with current boyz and adding more gubbinz. I also want to get everything painted up to a nice consistent standard.

      I might scrap the pure KOS concept for including a bunch of Killa Kanz and a mob of shoota boyz in my list… we’ll see.

  2. fluger says:

    Dude! YES! More Orks is more fun! If you want to bounce some ideas off of me, I’m all ears! 😀

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