First Kult Of Speed List, + Ork pics


Here is the first variant for my next TSHFT Ork list:

Kult Of Speed List #1

2000 Pts – Orks Roster

1 Warboss @ 110 pts (Power Klaw; Attack Squig; Cybork Body)

1 Wazdakka Gutsmek @ 180 pts

4 Warbikers @ 165 pts
1 Biker Nob (Power Klaw; Bosspole)

11 Boyz @ 167 pts
1 Boyz Nob (Power Klaw; ‘Eavy Armour; Bosspole)
1 Trukk (Boarding Plank; Red Paint Job; Reinforced Ram)

11 Boyz @ 167 pts
1 Boyz Nob (Power Klaw; ‘Eavy Armour; Bosspole)
1 Trukk (Boarding Plank; Red Paint Job; Reinforced Ram)

11 Boyz @ 172 pts (Big Shoota x1; Shoota)
1 Boyz Nob (Power Klaw; ‘Eavy Armour; Bosspole)
1 Trukk (Boarding Plank; Red Paint Job; Reinforced Ram)

12 Boyz @ 98 pts (Shoota)
1 Boyz Nob (Shoota; ‘Eavy Armour; Bosspole)

9 Nobz @ 490 pts (Count as Troop Troops; Big Choppa x2; Power Klaw x3; Shoota/Skorcha Kombi-weapon x2; Bosspole x1; Waaagh! Banner x1)
1 Painboy
1 Battlewagon (Big Shoota x1; Armour Plates; Boarding Plank; Deff Rolla; Grot Rigger; Red Paint Job; Stikkbomb Chukka)

2   1 Skorchas @ 80 pts

1 Deffkoptas @ 60 pts (Buzzsaw x1)

3 Wartrakks @120 pts (Twin Linked Rokkit Launchas)

1 Battlewagon @ 190 pts (Kannon; Killkannon; Armour Plates; Deff Rolla)

Total Roster Cost: 1999


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I'm an artist and hobbyist.
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6 Responses to First Kult Of Speed List, + Ork pics

  1. Thor says:

    In a game this size, 6 Warbikers (when joined by Wazdakka), is a small unit and will be hit or miss for you. Someone will either focus fire them to death or let them run rampant while they deal with the Trukk Boyz.

    It would be nice if you had some more ranged AV. A squadron of Trakks and a lone Kopta are pretty minimal. I’d swap the Skorchas for more tl-rokkit Trakks myself. You need a means of busting armor at range so your killkannon can clear occupants.

    I’d also give the Nobz stikkbombz and forgo the chukka on the BW. On the charge you’re I4 with a good chunk of that unit and the chukka only works the turn you unload. Rare is the day I can unload my Nobz, smash something and get back into my ride to charge again. Having the stikkbombz will ensure you’re always at I4 where the chukka can’t.

    Be nice to have the Warboss with ‘eavy armor and the cybork body. I’d give up the attack squig just for that.

    Anyway, it’s a good looking KoS list. Not far off from what I typically run.

    • chaosgerbil says:

      Thanks for your comments!

      I think you make a good point for giving the Nobz stikkbombs and forgetting about the chukkas. The BW can always blow up too.

      The rest of my response is below.

  2. fluger says:

    I think Wazzdakka is essentially wasted by only running one unit of warbikers. I’d drop him and the warbikers for another battlewagon with burna boyz in it. Or a Big Mek with a KFF.

  3. chaosgerbil says:

    Well I got excited to paint bikes even though on the table they are super fragile for their points.

    Wazzdakka is fun but costs a lot also.

    I can totally field more rokkit buggies, burnas, or battlewagons if need be.

    I’ll come back with another list in a day or two.

  4. fluger says:

    If you really like Bikes, run more bikes as troops with Wazzdakka and drop the trukk boyz. They aren’t that bad really as troops in small numbers. Maybe go with 4 units of like 7 or so? Personally, if you run two big units of 12, one led by wazzdakka and the other by a different Warboss with bosspole, you’ll have a good troop base (Ld 9, re-rollable is pretty solid). The other warboss unlocks Nobz as a troops option that can go in a battlewagon, and then fill out with trukk boyz if you want and buggies.

    • chaosgerbil says:

      If I went with your first option, dropping Wazzdakka, the bikes, and the deffcopta leaves just enough points for a 3rd deffrolla wagon full of 11 burna boyz, and a KFF burna Mek.

      Fast, fragile units that die to shooting… sounds like my losing Thousand Sons list. Might be worth trying out though.

      While the KOS is a lot of fun I am tempted towards the durability of a foot hybrid list. 6 kans, 3 lobbas, 20-30 man shoota boyz and lootas are all missing from the Kult Of Speed.

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