TSHFT! Success and failure!

TSHFT September 2010 is over! I had twice as much fun as last year, seriously. It is a small tourney that packs a mighty punch.

This post may be updated sporadically over the next couple days.

(The Elect of Tzeencth nearing completion… before the final pre-TSHFT touch ups.)

Here are some links that cover the event:



Pictures of my army in action!





I took home Player’s choice, a goal of mine for a year now… this means best looking army, decided by the crowd. I actually earned second place to Devin and his magnificent converted clockwork army, loosely based on Girl Genius. I think that my painting was slightly better but Devin had more creative conversions and an even more unique army. In any case we were both proud as hell of our creations, and since he won best overall I ended up with a free ticket to the next TSHFT.

Lesson: No matter how many obsessive hours you spend on your army, there will be someone else that works just as hard.

The List:

This list was as much about having fun and showcasing my models than it was about winning. That being said, I could have fielded a much better list… most likely starting off by dropping 2 of the 3 HQs. My Rune Priest was a failure, and having both Canis and a Lord together in one fragile squad did not work. Sure looked cool though. Stay tuned for a “fixed” list in the next week or two. I need something more focused, more lethal, and more durable.

The Elect: 2000 points of Tzeentchy goodness. The final version was thrown together the night before at the last minute, and it needs some changes.

Wolf Lord with TH/SS on Thuderwolf, with Warrior Born, some other crap. (This was a daemon weapon wielding spawn riding a flying disc, one of my failed princes.)

Canis Wolfborn (Using 2 Lightning claw jumpack Chaos Lord model, chained to a writhing mass)

14 Fenrisian Wolves (these three run around together as a fake death star, that could split up but never did)

Iron Priest on TW with 4 cyberwolves (Another spawned out failed prince)

5 Wolf Scouts +  PFist / Combi-Melta Wolf Guard (I forgot to pay for their melta, but having some mutants on the field was killer.)

5 GH including MOW + Melta; + Rune Priest (Jaws and LL)  in Rhino (Also known as squad False Hope, from now one. How many 1s did I roll for Living Lightning?)

7 GH including MOW + Melta; + PFist / Combi-Melta Wolf Guard in Rhino

5 GH including MOW + Flamer; + PW Wolf Guard in AssCan Razorback

5 GH including MOW + Flamer; + PW Wolf Guard in LasPlas Razorback

Long Fangs with 3 missile Launchers (Original plan was to also have 2 lascannons or maybe an ablative HB, and I didn’t have many ML models.)

Vindicator (A favorite target, I should have protected it better)

LasPred (I am now sold on the AC / Las pred instead, this was too much of a points sink. It was nice to move and shoot twin linked though.)

Lesson: Boys before Toys, Warrior Born sucks with a ThunderHammer, Landspeeders and more TWC would have been awesome, and don’t wait until the last bloody minute to decide on stuff!


Battle Reports!

These aren’t true battle reports but I wanted to give an overview of each game and a couple lessons that I got from each one.

GAME 1 vs. Imperial Fists (Space Marines)

Lesson: Herohammer Cavalry cleans up against Tac squads…

Mission: 6 objectives, only the three that you place in your opponent’s corner can count, Spearhead deployment

[Day 1, table 6/10 I think] More Imperial Fists to slaughter! My second play test game at a local GW store saw me get my first tabling in years, against Imperial Fists. Here were more of the yellow grunts lining up to be killed, actually a very similar army to the one I pwnzored. The chief differences were that he had more Rhinos, and Storm bolter terms instead of TH/SS ones, and no Dev. squads.

The mission here was to grab the three objectives in your opponent’s corner, while defending your three. My army list was more deadly and my opponent’s rolling was unfortunate. I played aggressively and managed to get enough Cav charges off, while sending in my troops.

Somehow my Vindicator survived being shot at and did some serious damage. The highlight? My vindicator killed 10 tactical Marines in one shot….

The lowest moment for my opponent was a difficult terrain check for his jump pack Assault Marines, against my Long Fangs: Snake eyes!  Rolling a 2, they would have made it.

Result: Win!

GAME 2 vs. A Crazy Wizard and his Clockwork Minions (counts as Chaos Space Marines)

Lesson: Don’t get cocky with your movement when your opponent’s reserves are due on…

Mission: Killpoints, with short edge to short edge deployment.

[Day 1, table 4/10] I got to play Devin (winner of best overall in Category B) in round two and he was a terrific opponent. After an intense, close, and very fun game we fought to a draw with 11 KPs each. Devin took an early lead shooting up some transports, although my forces eventually prevailed in the large assault in the center of the board. My biggest mistake was leaving my LasPred open for a charge from a fleeting, reserved Defiler. I got to snipe his Tzeentch sorceror with Jaws after three tries, which was about all that my “Rune Priest” accomplished all tourney aside from nullifying a couple powers. I found out that actual Thousand Sons stand up pretty well against dedicated close combat units with low numbers of power weapon attacks combined with crappy rolling. Yes, Thousand Sons that counts as Space Wolves fought a unit of robots that count as Thousand Sons…

Result: Tie!

GAME 3 vs. Hordes of Sisters of Getting out of Transports and Killing you with Massed Shooting (Witchhunters)

Lesson: Don’t be gentle, be assertive about speeding up your slow opponent

Mission: 5 Objectives, generic 12″ long board edge deployments

[Day 1, table 3/10] Even though my opponent was fun, I cannot call this a great game since I lost due to slow play. Our game ended on Turn 3, and my opponent took advantage of this to move and capture or contest 4 out of 5 objectives. If the game had gone on longer it could have gone either way, although I admit my opponent was in a significantly stronger position with all the warm bodies he had running around and the damage he had done to my army. 10 scoring units! His list was a nightmare, tons of vehicles, tons of bodies… meltas, flamers, autocannons and lascannons were all plentiful. His only weakness was assaults, but if you wiped something out he would just shoot the crap out of the winning squad. Since he had tabled the previous opponent in a kill points mission, I could very well have lost legitimately if we had gone to turn 5-7. I have to take some responsibility for the slow game since I could have been faster myself, and I could have been much more assertive about telling my opponent to speed up. Also, I was quite tired… and the 110 decibel Mariachi music coming from next door was insanely distracting, as were all the random people walking through our hall.

He deployed first, and very symmetrically strung out along the center. I tried a refused flank and stole the initiative. I was worried about all that long range shooting but I should have been more worried about a last turn land grab. It was obvious he had a lot of experience with the army, and he began moving Rhinos and Immolaters to where they were going to be needed right away. After I ate an exorcist on one flank, he was able to disembark about 30 sisters and focus fire my cavalry beater unit. Quite demoralizing! I lined up for a huge Jaws attempt, but he rolled a 5 for the first squad affected and claimed that it canceled the power completely. I was too demoralized and out of time to argue it at that point… 3 games in a row is tough.

Was the slow play deliberate? I am not a mind reader so I am not going to make mindless accusations. There was a lot of note and picture taking which used up time, and he also had tons of models to move around and roll for. The distractions and my fatigue did not help, and I also took time at the start of the game to ask a couple questions about Sisters since I am not used their old book. In any case it is on me, since I did not insist on my opponent moving faster or talk to the TO about it until the game was over.

Result: Loss!

GAME 4 vs.  Hive Fleet Behemoth (Tyranids)

Lesson: Know exactly what unit is what, and keep your opponent’s list handy.

Mission: 4 objectives in the corners, that all scatter. Dawn Of War deployment

[Day 2, table 4/10] Rats! I came close to winning (and then drawing) against Best General Zach (class A). I chose to go second and Zach reserved everything. After turn 1 which barely happened, My first two turns of shooting were completely horrible, and I think I maybe killed one gaunt. The Zoanthropes shrugged off a lot of fire with their 3++ saves, and I was an inch or two out of range for a critical vindicator shot.

After some clever maneuvering, shooting, and assaults from both sides I was setup for a desperate turn 5 victory (1/3) chance) which was not to be. Then ending on turn 6, as my luck was turning I almost eked out a tie, but then failed 3 out of 4 3+ saves (to be fair Zach’s assualt rolling could have been better.) It was a great game and despite how close it was Zach deserved the win.

I made several big mistakes that game. I mistook his Devourer gaunts for termagaunts (which killed all my Fenrisian Wolves), I wasn’t fast enough or decisive enough with my transports, and threw my “beater” cavalry unit onto the wrong flank. Let it be known that Tyranid warriors eat ICs for breakfast.

Table 4 played much differently going long edge to long edge than short to short.

Result: Loss!

GAME 5 (vs. Grey Knights) [Table 8]

Lesson: Your last minute deployment switch might be retarded

Mission: Killpoints, diagonal to diagonal

[Day 2, table 8/10] What can I say, I was tired. I was deploying second, and at the last moment I thought (oh hey, if I move my Vindicator to the road it can move 6″ farther and shoot.) Why was this so stupid? Well one of his land raiders, filled with Grey Knight Terminators was already on the road. He turned my poor vindi into chunks of redhot scrap metal and crippled the razorback next to it. This left him open for a charge from my Lord, “Canis”, mutant wolves, and one or two squads of “Grey Hunters.” Although I wiped out his squad it left me congested in one chunk of the board, and I got shot up pretty badly. I think lost my two big characters around this time. I was able to blow up one of the raiders with a melta shot (or was it a lascannon?).  His extra armored Dreadnought was kicking ass nearby, my shooting missed or got nothing more than stunned results. I charged him with a powerfist enabled squad and we both whiffed. He countercharged with some grey knights, and due to my poor planning and forgetting to pile in my fist was pulled off of the dread by the incoming squad.   After a certain point I had to concede, since he had less than half the KPs to give up I could only win by tabling him, and after losing enough stuff that just wasn’t going to happen. 7 KPs? Something to think about. I had 17 KPs… =P

Result: Loss!


What a great event. I would play any of those guys again. Everyone tries their hardest to win but also makes sure the opponent has fun. That’s all you can ask for, right?All the other gamers were great guys too, and if I ever get my case I will try and make some trips to play more often.

Zen deserves credit for making this event a reality, and thanks to everyone else that helped.

I feel cool too because half the terrain used was mine and it was appreciated. Since that was probably less than half of my total terrain collection, I could fill up about 10 tables with my collection.

I learned a lot from playing. I know I had no chance of winning taking an untested list with a barely practiced army. I mostly wanted to win best appearance, and I will certainly accept a near tie. Of course there is always more painting to be done to really finish the army. I even got called out for not drilling my rhino smokestacks. =P

Moving on, it is time to join forces with the folks from Dragonflight, PAX, and any other honest event organizers to pool our forces for the next GT. Conquest NW is dead as far as I am concerned (see BOK for details) and it is time for a new group to light the beacons.


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8 Responses to TSHFT! Success and failure!

  1. Well done on Player’s Choice, though unlucky on the award you really wanted! lol

    Good you had fun.

    • chaosgerbil says:

      You’re back, sweet! I knew that insulting your figures would make you comment more.

      Player’s choice was what I wanted to win, it is equal to best appearance basically for TSHFT. Winning Best Overall would have been sweet to I had no expectation of it. Devin won both of those actually and I got second in Player’s Choice, but he couldn’t win for two things so it defaulted to me. He deserved to win stuff he was a great player with a fabulous army. Getting a free ticket to next event is pretty sweet so I was happy. I wanted to win some plastic and didn’t, so I blew a bunch of money at the FLGS on Isle of Blood, the new Seekers of Slaanesh models, and the Revolution board game. I just couldn’t resist. The Seekers will most likely get turned into a couple chariots for heralds, leaving a mount for a chaos lord / sorc. Hey, that will leave me with some extra bow-legged Daemonettes, sounds like a plan!

  2. fluger says:

    Quick note on Todd and his sisters. Todd just is slow. Its not intentional. I play him at Fantastic and he’s always at that speed.

    Thanks again for providing the terrain for the top table, that Ork stuff was magical!

    • chaosgerbil says:

      I didn’t think it was intentional, but at a tournament it is a significant problem… especially if it decides who won or lost. I’m certainly not a perfect gamer though, I should have known things that kept slipping my mind requiring me to look at a stat or something.

      You are welcome for the terrain, I have about twice as much so next event I can bring more provided someone can pick it up.

      • fluger says:

        I could certainly help with that as well.

        I think next time we should also have the full complement of Zen’s terrain as well.

        I think once I’m done painting my Orks (probably by Adepticon), I’ll start REALLY working on the terrain that I’ve sort’ve begun but never finished over the years.

        • Todd says:

          I’m fine with a polite but firm clue-by-four upside the head from time to time. I honestly had no idea my speed annoyed you that much, and for that I apologize.

          Yes, I’ve got the dreaded “Slow Player-itis” although I’m working to get faster. That’s the reason for the battle report notes and photos I was taking so that I could get my decisions recorded (and review later what worked and what didn’t) and thereby spend less time in the future tactically dithering.

          I put up a long battle report in the WitchHunters Tactica at Warseer a couple of days ago.


          …and for Day 2:


          • chaosgerbil says:

            Hi Todd,

            I really appreciate you taking that as constructive criticism rather than an attack on you. I was upset at the situation, since only getting to turn three affected the outcome of the game so much… although if we had gone to turns 5-7 I probably could have only tied at most. As noted, I could also have been faster and been more direct about the speed of the game. I was exhausted from staying up late to do paint touchups on some models and playing 2 games right before you. I would have no problem playing you again, and sorry if I came off too bitter. Thanks for commenting and I will check out that battle report.

          • fluger says:

            Also, I hope you took my comment as a defense and not a criticism! 🙂

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