The Elect of Magnus model list / army list brainstorming

I have decided that I really want to win both best overall (category A) and player’s choice for appearance at the next tshft. There is normally a pool of about 20 players, almost all who are veterans of the hobby.

I’m going to need durable, versatile troops; plenty of good shooting; and decent cc ability. Utility would be nice too. Now that Tony just won his second major event in a row with Space Wolves I am ready to give mine another shot. Last time I took an untested list that had serious flaws, and lost 3 games out of 5. This time around I want to win 4 games.

The Elect are mutated Thousand Sons, “counts as” Space Wolves, and lest any accuse me of bandwagon jumping I had the idea before the codex was even released. They escaped the rubric by being in warp transit on a space hulk. I have real Space Wolves in my collection, but I just love Chaos too much.

I have been playing around with various lists trying to figure out the best combination. I also want to include some of my better conversions for the appearance goal, so I am hoping to incorporate some cavalry, TWC spawn and Fenrisian wolves.

I want some kind of fun but powerful gimmick honestly. Since he is a powerful psyker (good for theme) and since Tony has been winning with him, I have been considering Njal. He is pricey though and there is no way I could take him and Logan.

Logan unlocks wolf guard as troops, and allows for my drop pod of death idea: Logan, 6 Longfangs with 5 multimeltas, a wolf guard with whatever, and a rune priest. Another idea is 4 rune priests in a wolf guard drop pod. Massed Jaws of the World Wolf would be hilarious.

Anyways I should mention the staples. Grey hunters are in, even in a Logan army they have their place. I only have 2 razorbacks and 2 rhinos for the force, but I will most likely get a third rhino. Standard Long fangs are too beardy to be ignored. I am looking at squads with 4 missile launchers and 1 lascannon. If I do not do my drop pod of death idea I will switch up the LF sqauds to swap out a missile launcher for a multi-melta. Enough stuff comes creeping into  midfield and closer that the MM should be able to shoot, and missile launchers don’t cut it against AV 14.

I love the idea of TWC but they are really expensive. It would be great to get at least 5 in out of the 8.

I have been working my ass off on a new, HEAVILY converted rifleman style dread. I’ll try to get pics up soon. I can find a place for him in the list.

Wolf scouts are tempting and I can probably fit in a squad for 85 points.

Ultimately I have a lot of hard choices to make as to what to bring. 2000 points runs out fast for me.

Without further ado, here’s what I currently have to work with:

28 w/ bolters / bp /ccw (4 are unpainted)
4 w/ wolf standards (1 unpainted)
5 w/ meltaguns (2 are unpainted)
2 w/ flamers
4 w/ plasma guns (1 unpainted)

10 w/ missile launchers (4 are unpainted)
3 w/ lascannons
5 w/ multi-meltas (2 are unpainted)
1 w/ plasma cannon (unpainted)
2 w/ heavy bolter (1 unpainted)

2 sorcerers on flying disks
1 Ahriman
1 converted fabius bile sorceror (unpainted)
7 w/ power swords
3 w/ power fist / combi-melta
12 possessed (wolf guard or mark of wulfen, and can finish 8 more)

2 rhinos
2 razorbacks ( can run TLL, Las/Plas and one as TL asscannons)
1 vindicator
2 predators (one w/ lascannon sponsons
2-3 “land speeders” sculpted gribblies
1 rifleman style dreadnought, (unpainted)
1 land raider hull (under construction, will be a redeemer someday)

30 or so fenrisian wolves, (1 unpainted)
8 TWC, various
1 Canis proxy w/TLLC
1 sorceror lord / terminator armor
1 terminator with assault cannon / reaper autocannon
1 terminator w/ cyclone ML, chainfist, possible combi-melta
3 terminators w/ storm bolter & power weapon (unpainted)
4 bikes (unpainted, probably will be painted as slaanesh)

tons of horrors, chaos guardsmen, daemon princes, spawn, and mutants to choose from

drop pods (yet to be constructed, but I could possibly use my half painted tyranid ones)

Each grey hunter squad in a rhino would look something this:

1 meltagun
1 standard bearer
1 wolf guard with power fist and combi-melta
5 jobbers
1 mark of wulfen (or one last jobber, especially if I use the possessed models for standard wolf guard)

Each squad in a razorback would just be dirt cheap, 4 bolter bp/ccw and 1 with a flamer.

Any suggestions?

Also, I need to finish changing over to Blood of Kittens hosting, currently mirrored more or less over at I have been lax in completing the move, like getting links updated. I just finished a new header for the BOK site and finally found a theme that works.



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