Stay on target… stay on target…. PORKINS NOOOOO!!!!

Hi world, unfortunately I have no new pics ready for ya just yet. I want you guys to know that I have been steadily plugging away at my armies and terrain, and that more deliciousness is on its way. I am really happy with my modeling and painting, and not so pleased about my half-ass camera and so-so photography skills. As usual I bounce around ADD style between a dozen different projects during any given week.

I have been putting together tons more terrain for TSHFT.  It will stay my property of course, but as my own eyes noticed and AbusePuppy pointed out, there is just not enough to go around for 3 to 4 dozen players. The event has grown somewhat but the official tournament terrain collection has not. I am doing my best to fill in the gap without sacrificing quality. I am seriously planning to bring almost twice as many pieces as I brought last event. I have been taking pics of some of the WIP stages to put together a tutorial on my methods.  I have been finishing pieces started a few days ago, a year ago, or in the case of some sewer sections about FIFTEEN years ago. My collection is a mix of ork buildings, imperial ruins, jungles, craters, various area terrain, and scatter pieces. I am hoping to fill about 15 tables to 25% but it is hard to estimate at this point.

Part of this terrain project has been to upgrade and  finish my huge display board, 32″ x 38″. It was not started as a display board but I realized that that’s the best use for it. It has a river, a pumping station, a barbed wire/barricade wall, and lots of random rocks and vegetation. Pics to come.

As far as models go, my main focus has officially been my mutated Thousand Sons but I have dabbled in Orks and traitor guard quite a bit. I now have about twenty mutated Elect of Tzeentch “long fangs” ready for battle. My battlewagons and grots needed some love, and got some, and I am getting really close to an acceptable paint level on my massive stompa conversion. I painted up my FW mini squiggoth to a better level and just need to add some crew… following that I’ll finish my dewback squiggoth conversion at some point.

I have about 100 random 40k models ready for paint but since most are converted I want pictures first, especially for the LATD codex update.

Anyways, I am still alive, still procrastinating on pictures, and still planning to officially move to my BOK lair. I am closing in on 50,000 hits here on the original site and it is hard for my ego to give that up. What I really want though, is comments…. 🙂 I think BOK can help me get that.

Most of these pics are years old but the post felt naked with just words!

Cheers and stay tuned.

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I'm an artist and hobbyist.
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