Contact me: chaosgerbil @ yahoo.com ! Please note that you should email first, instead of trying to contact me on an instant messenger service.

I have been an artist for most of my life. I draw, paint, sculpt, and use Photoshop. A great deal of my creative output goes towards building and painting Warhammer 40,000 miniatures but I aim to change that. You can see some of my older digital artwork at http://engineheadout.com/chaosgerbil/. My new online portfolio is still under construction.

Although I try to remain an intellectual, I try not to take myself or any labels too seriously. At this point in life I love to joke around and play more than I love debating or reading serious books.

Politically I am a progressive. I believe in balancing personal freedom with collective cooperation for the common good, and looking out for those less fortunate. There is no perfect socio-economic system but the best usually combine capitalism with socialism in some way.

I love music. I have a large collection of MP3s but I generally listen to a lot of Radiohead, They Might Be Giants, Ween, Nick Cave, and Butthole Surfers. I tend to like classic rock, psychedelic jam bands, and some Electronica.


For a long time I have been half-assedly working on making games. I am currently trying to ramp up to get these into a playable state.

Codex Lost and The Damned:  You can see the progress of this Warhammer 40,000 supplement, and check out the most recent version on this blog.

Monster Brawl: A boardgame set underground, where each player beats the snot out of random critters and each other. Players use characters like Trolls, Ogres, and Minotaurs.

Adventure System: A tabletop RPG system, which will be set in the fantasy world called Nykara. Most RPGs are too slow, too rigid, or too unrealistic. The foundation is simple but complexity can be added in modules.

Duel: A card game designed to strategically and quickly settle melee combats. The game will be modular so it can be used with Adventure.

ROSK: A strategy boardgame. This started out as a parody / adaptation of RISK, but the version I am working on is pretty far removed from its origins. This will be a territory control / battle game, but with special units and all sorts of development options. It will retain its satirical and silly side for the time being. I’ll change the name eventually.


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