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Moved to

Hi, I have officially moved to Blood of Kittens, I  just released Codex Lost and the Damned V4, hosted at the new address. Please update all links! Thanks for your support and page views. As I have nine armies … Continue reading

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Chaosgerbil’s TSHFT report, and “Counts As” philosophy rant

What follows are battle reports so thrilling, so action-packed, you will be on the edge of your seat. Only one molecule will separate you from your seat! Later on, the “Counts As” method gets a slightly bitchy and hopefully humorous … Continue reading

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Stay on target… stay on target…. PORKINS NOOOOO!!!!

Hi world, unfortunately I have no new pics ready for ya just yet. I want you guys to know that I have been steadily plugging away at my armies and terrain, and that more deliciousness is on its way. I … Continue reading

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An extreme Imperial Guard list: Gotta love commissars

This extreme list clocks in at 10 scoring units, depending on how you organize  it can be anywhere from 8-14 scoring units. This beast has 144 infantry, most of which are stubborn, LD 9 or 10, with commissar rerolls. It … Continue reading

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Terrain rules!

Yarrr! My ever growing terrain collection will be coming back to TSHFT.   I think standardizing terrain is extra important for a game, hopefully these rules will make things clear, fast, and prevent anyone getting an unfair advantage. Now these rules are … Continue reading

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Revised Ork list, + 2 TSHFT Ork pics

Hi folks. This is a quick one tonight. I got to try out a slimmed down versionof my Tzeentch wolves (The Elect). I had a blast shooting up some Grey Knights in a 1500 pt game. It was great practice … Continue reading

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Orks vs. Tyranids: Which do you think is the strongest list?

One of my hobbies is playing around with Army builder, trying to min max while keeping my lists full of variety. I like variety because it is usually more fun to play with and against. I still try to keep … Continue reading

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