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Chaosgerbil’s TSHFT report, and “Counts As” philosophy rant

What follows are battle reports so thrilling, so action-packed, you will be on the edge of your seat. Only one molecule will separate you from your seat! Later on, the “Counts As” method gets a slightly bitchy and hopefully humorous … Continue reading

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TSHFT! Success and failure!

TSHFT September 2010 is over! I had twice as much fun as last year, seriously. It is a small tourney that packs a mighty punch. This post may be updated sporadically over the next couple days. (The Elect of Tzeencth … Continue reading

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Battle Report: Tyranids vs. Ultramarines

Welcome to my first battle report! Tyranids vs. Ultramarines at 2000 points (Click on the pics for larger views) LISTS ULTRAMARINES LIST 2000 Pts – Space Marines Roster 1 Space Marine Captain @ 145 pts (…in Power Armour) 1 …in … Continue reading

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The Seattle Fire and Sword Tournament: September ’09 Review

I went to The Seattle Fire and Sword Tournament, .  It was a fun and fairly competitive event.  Most armies were semi-mech, and the players were generally experienced. MY ARMY LIST: HQ: Company Command Squad (5#, 50 pts) Infantry … Continue reading

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