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Moved to

Hi, I have officially moved to Blood of Kittens, I  just released Codex Lost and the Damned V4, hosted at the new address. Please update all links! Thanks for your support and page views. As I have nine armies … Continue reading

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Orks vs. Tyranids: Which do you think is the strongest list?

One of my hobbies is playing around with Army builder, trying to min max while keeping my lists full of variety. I like variety because it is usually more fun to play with and against. I still try to keep … Continue reading

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Battle Report: Tyranids vs. Ultramarines

Welcome to my first battle report! Tyranids vs. Ultramarines at 2000 points (Click on the pics for larger views) LISTS ULTRAMARINES LIST 2000 Pts – Space Marines Roster 1 Space Marine Captain @ 145 pts (…in Power Armour) 1 …in … Continue reading

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Tyranid Photos: Trygon, Tervigon, Carnifexes, Hormagaunts, WIP Sculpting

Here’s more model photos, including one I snagged from the upcoming battle report. The focus this time is bugs, the big ones. I am building a pair of Tervigons for my friend Darren, along the lines of mine (the painted … Continue reading

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40k Photos: Thousand Sons, Hive Guard and Skaven WIP

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More Tervigon pics

In the process of trying to take decent pictures of my Tervigon for the BOLS competition, I ended up with a lot of photos. These have all been color corrected in an attempt to match the real life colors of … Continue reading

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Pictures galore! Tervigon, Mycetic Spores, Chaos vehicles, mutants, bio terrain

Hey folks, I finally got around to posting some pictures. The photography is challenging and eventually I’ll get my friend to take some higher quality shots. Mutants led by a Word Bearer chaplain Tervigon! I call this critter “Baby Mama.” … Continue reading

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