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Improving hobby skills, part 1: Supplies

I’m starting a series of miniatures hobby articles, enjoy! Everyone can improve their painting and modeling skills. I’ll start with the basics for a solid foundation. A moderate investment in hobby supplies will pay off.  Unless you are some kind … Continue reading

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Open letter to Gav Thorpe

This is my response to Gav Thorpe, primary author of the current Chaos Codex. Thrope was man enough to pen the following words about the CSM ‘dex on his blog. I’ve nerd-raged on this topic many times before, … Continue reading

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The Seattle Fire and Sword Tournament: September ’09 Review

I went to The Seattle Fire and Sword Tournament, .  It was a fun and fairly competitive event.  Most armies were semi-mech, and the players were generally experienced. MY ARMY LIST: HQ: Company Command Squad (5#, 50 pts) Infantry … Continue reading

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