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Lots of art

Here’s some semi-random art and design I’ve done, from past and present.

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The Scourged: An army and art project taking shape

Here’s some hobby journal for ya. The Seattle GT, Conquest NW ( ) is coming up. It has an expensive entry fee and the lists will be 2,000 points.  I’m not sure if I am going but if my … Continue reading

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My poor camera

My camera got sand in it on a beach trip. This sets back my mini photographing plans, but right now I am concentrating on finishing the painting of my traitor guard army. I decided not to post any more unpainted … Continue reading

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Some Creatures

More art. I am planning to do more work on these to polish them. First up is Cthulhu, which began life as a Lightwave 3D project. The background is a photo. This next beast is called a Drassongvair, and is … Continue reading

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Art in progress

So I dusted off my mouse hand to make this. I still have more details to add but you get the idea…

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